Why ReadyTech Is Among the Best Online Learning Platforms

Are you a business manager or owner who wants to increase productivity but doesn’t have the time or money to invest in traditional employee training programs? ReadyTech offers online training with a suite of exciting features designed to help employees learn how to do their jobs more effectively. Read on to learn why ReadyTech is among the best online learning platforms.

Virtual, Instructor-Led Training Platform

Our Virtual Instructor-Led Training portal makes it easy for you to set up a class and lab so that you can focus on delivering an integrative learning experience worth remembering. Features of the virtual instructor-led training platform include lab hosting, hands-on remote labs, virtual classrooms for interactive learning sessions, course materials management systems where you can manage your entire digital library from one place, e-commerce portals, and authoring tools designed specifically for surveys and exams! These features will lead to higher success rates in the course, translating to helping your employees do better in their future career endeavors.

Lab Management

Our virtual classroom and lab management software is designed specifically for iterative training. Instructors can simultaneously monitor all students’ activity and get alerts when someone finishes or becomes disengaged, providing support just in time. Students may also use the lab software to instantly request help from an instructor. In addition, instructors can transfer large files, share screens, and reboot or reset a lab for a student.

Assessments & Evaluations

Share surveys, tasks, quizzes, exams, and course evaluations with your students to keep them engaged in the learning process and get helpful feedback. You can also send out a class survey before the course begins to discover their learning objectives, or you can include a final, cumulative exam to reinforce knowledge retention at the end of the course.

Available in 14 Languages

Our training solutions are available in the world’s most common languages because not all of our customers are native to America. Our website is available in 14 languages, including Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. This allows students and instructors to select the most familiar language, making their end-user experience much better.

Support When You Need It

ReadyTech has a built-in live customer support portal you can use to help trainees with their labs. Instructors can also take over students’ labs and get them back on track when they are stuck. It also includes a chat feature for trainees to ask questions or request lab assistance. Besides these essential features, it also supports file transfer full system controls such as soft and hard reboots.

ReadyTech Can Help

ReadyTech provides companies with a hosted training solution and offers hands-on, virtual training software for employee training. Companies that invest in employee training experience reduced attrition rates and reduced hiring costs, increased productivity, a more knowledgeable workforce, and a competitive hiring package.

ReadyTech will give you all the software you need for your virtual classroom, and we offer a full-service setup process and 24/7 live support. Contact us today.

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