Variable pricing. Optimal cash flow. Guaranteed training innovation.

Get complete control over your budgets and margins, while at the same time motivate your instructors and excite students with the best training delivery platform available. With ReadyTech, training departments can achieve 100% seat utilization, gain access to dozens of training-specific features, and increase training efficiency in the process.

If you’re evaluating in-person vs. online training, use this calculator to find out which training method is more economical:

Pay-As-You-Go, Variable Pricing

Take back control of your training department’s margins and cash flow. With ReadyTech’s pay-as-you-go pricing, budgeting is a breeze and your margins are clear. Only pay when you need labs and scale up and down to your exact demand. This way, there’s no need to guess or forecast how much RAM, CPUs, hard drive space or bandwidth you need in the coming months.

There are also no setup fees, no termination penalties, and no long-term contracts.

FeatureReadyTechOther Vendors
Schedule remote labs
Cloud based labs
Hardware based labs
Proprietary equipment hosting
Virtual classroom with audio
24/7 Live Support
100% Seat Utilization
Pay-as-you-go pricing
No setup fees
No termination fees
No long-term contracts
Training Demand

With pay-as-you-go, variable pricing model, you can accommodate peak demand and prevent excess costs when training needs are low.

With ReadyTech's pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for the resources you use. This enables training organizations to easily meet peak demands when training demand is high, while reducing excess costs when training demand is low.
  • Fixed Monthly Subscription
  • ReadyTech Pricing

100% Seat Utilization Rates

Because you only pay for the seats you need, you can achieve 100% seat utilization rates for all of your classes, all the time. This means no excess costs, over- and under-provisioning seats, and drives efficiency by shifting your training department from a forecast-model to a demand-driven model.

With known seat costs, you only need to calculate how much margin you want to have. And that’s easy to do with ReadyTech’s transparent, straightforward prices — which we’d be happy to provide you.

24/7 Live Support

Successful training delivery solutions don’t stop at great technology and reasonable pricing. That’s why we provide complimentary 24/7 live support to all of our customers, instructors and students. So no matter where you are teaching or what time your students are accessing their labs, ReadyTech 24/7 live support is always available.

“We were able to shut down two of our six training centers after moving to ReadyTech. This translates to a significant cost savings for Shoptech. And it also means that students no longer need to take valuable time away from work to travel to one of our training facilities.”

-George Wells, VP of Account Services

Our Customers

More than 1.2 million students trained, more than 150,000 classes delivered, and more than 7,500 happy instructors from companies such as:

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