9 Reasons to Switch to VILT
Download this infographic to learn about the 9 reasons prompting training departments to switch to virtual instructor-led training (VILT). Some of these reasons might be familiar to you, while others might surprise you.
Why Students Like Virtual Training More Than In-Person Training
Are you considering offering virtual training but aren’t sure what the student experience will be like? If so, download this infographic to learn about the 5 reasons why students dread in-person training and the 5 reasons why students prefer virtual training.
Virtual Training: A Booming Market
In recent years, virtual training has experienced tremendous growth—reflecting its popularity and the value it creates for training departments. Download this infographic to examine the 8 reasons behind virtual training software’s growth in popularity.
Tool Guide: Transitioning from In-Person to Virtual Classrooms
Switching from in-person to virtual training can be challenging. Download this guide to know which ReadyTech features replicate actual, in-person classroom interactions such as using a whiteboard, speaking to students, doing hands-on exercises, and breakout groups.
ROI of Employee Training
Is employee training worth the investment? Of course it is! And in this infographic, you will learn how much companies spend on employee training and the 8 things to consider when calculating training ROI.
ReadyTech for Customer Training
Epicor selected ReadyTech for its robust 24/7/365 Support Program and its data centers strategically located around the world. Along the way, Epicor also discovered that ReadyTech’s VILT software can also be used for sales demos and trade shows.
ReadyTech for Employee Training
Find out why learning departments use ReadyTech to deliver employee training. Our solutions help instructors oversee employee training participation and reduces training delivery costs–two of the main reasons why learning departments choose ReadyTech.
Overview of 24/7 Support Services
Deliver your next virtual training session with confidence. Relying on ReadyTech’s industry-known Support Team ensures student connectivity, on-time launch and smooth learning experiences—each and every time.
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