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You probably ask participants to complete a post-training evaluation. While collecting such feedback after a course is important, STEP allows you to collect feedback and gather opinions before, during, and after class. Before class, it’s good practice to ask participants about their background and expectations for the training. You can use that information to provide a better training experience. During the course, collect and discuss feedback to create unified collaboration and participation. And, of course, collect the all-important post-course feedback using STEP’s sophisticated survey features.


If your training includes hands-on labs, you are probably providing static instructions with PDF documents. Static instructions don’t work well for a diverse audience. If you don’t provide enough detail, some people struggle. If you provide too much detail, others will find it unnecessary and lose interest. STEP instructions allow each user to determine how much detail he or she sees. STEP also allows you track when each step in a task is completed so you know exactly how well the instructions work. You can’t do that with a PDF. You also have the option to include sounds, images, and videos to keep your instructions as engaging as possible.


How do you currently evaluate participant understanding and retention during a course? With STEP, you can easily build interactive quizzes and tests to gage how participants are learning. A short quiz at the end of a lecture can help to reinforce the concepts and create a sense of value in the course. Of course, with STEP, you aren’t limited to boring fill-in-the-blank or multiple-choice questions. Adding audio, videos, and unique question types will help you create engaging questionnaires.


STEP polls allow you to easily gage group opinion on a specific topic. When users respond, they instantly see the cumulative results. Polls can be a great way to break up a long lecture and quickly check how participants are doing. Since only cumulative results are shown, you can ask questions about your students’ experience and background without concern of embarrassing anyone. As with all STEP content, you aren’t limited to a simple question. Include rich media elements like video and sound to make polls more fun, and increasing the likelihood that users will respond.


STEP checklists are useful in many ways. Use them to create a list of rules that a user must acknowledge before doing a certification exam. Or create a list of things that must be arranged before a customer on site training. Improve accountability by creating a record of who did what, when. Checklists are completely configurable so you can decide which items have to be individually acknowledged and can even require them to be initialed.

STEP breathes life into stale training materials. Great training engages users in a variety of ways. Paging through endless PowerPoints and static PDFs just doesn’t cut it these days. With STEP, you can break up the monotony by adding engaging, dynamic content to your training.


Rich Content

Create content that includes rich text, images, sound, and videos.

Responder Information

Collect detailed, cross-content information about responders.

Publication Types

Publish content in many different ways and formats.

Team Collaboration

Share and collaborate with multiple users in the same account.

Themes and Layout

Customize content by applying themes and layout changes.


Maintain multiple versions of the content.

Response Analytics

Perform advanced analysis on the responses received.

Sophisticated Logic

Create content that responds to user input.


Create reusable pools of questions that can be added to any type of content.

Invites and Notifications

Invite people to use a particular content and get notified whenever someone responds.


Translate content into multiple languages.

Customized Reports

Create custom reports using response and responder information.


Build surveys quickly using a pre-defined template.

ReadyTech Integration

Benefit from a tight integration with ReadyTech’s instructor-led and self-paced solutions.

Content Reviews

Get content easily reviewed by peers using the Publish for Review feature.




Creating content in STEP is easy. Import existing material or develop new ideas from scratch. In either case, take advantage of STEP’s rich-content elements. Once you’re finished, preview your content to see how it will appear once it’s published.



When you publish with STEP, you have full control over who gets to access the content, when, and how many times a person can respond, among other variables. STEP supports different publication formats, including a standard web URL, a website button or popup window, an embedded object, and a publish-to-ReadyTech option.



You can view the details of each response. Besides seeing the user’s response, you have access to detailed analytics, such as how long the user took to respond to each item and how many times the user changed a response. STEP also allows you to generate statistics for arbitrary groups of responses for comparison. Finally, you can take all that analytic data and create a customized report which you can send out to interested parties.