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ReadyTech's virtual training software with the option for virtual training labs—a robust and cost-effective platform to deliver technical employee training.


Effectively training employees is critical to the success of every company because it is these employees that enable a company to be efficient, productive, and successful. And with technology an integral part of operations, employees must be trained to effectively use technology.

In addition to teaching employees how to use the software in theory, how do you give them hands-on practice with the technology? Where will the training environments be hosted? And how do you provide technical support to a large employee population? The answer is ReadyTech.

ReadyTech’s virtual training software allows instructors to lecture students while giving employees hands-on technology exercises to apply what they have learned. The result is better employee engagement during class and improved learning retention.

What we do

ReadyTech’s virtual training software is commonly used to deliver employee training. Companies choose ReadyTech’s hosted training solution because it gives their employees a hands-on, virtual training environment where they can practice actual on-the-job skills without jeopardizing your production systems.

Investing in employee training extends an employee’s knowledge; creates more subject matter and in-house experts; reduces attrition rates and recruitment costs; improves productivity; and ultimately differentiates you from your competitors.

Lab Overview

ReadyTech’s Lab Overview allows instructors to see the entire class and each student’s system as a thumbnail, giving instructors full control over a classroom. And if a student is struggling with an exercise, instructors can take over and provide personalized help. Instructors can also get alerts when a student finishes a lab or becomes disengaged, alerting the instructor to take appropriate action.

Increased employee
potential and
higher process compliance

Training not only plays a vital role in building competencies and skills, it also prepares employees to hold future positions in an organization. Employee development elevates employees from individual contributors to managers and to directors, while at the same time revealing which employees have the skills for advancement within an organization.

In addition, compliance training is important in terms of legal responsibility and operational efficiency. A Brandon Hall Group Compliance Study ranked regulatory compliance second—just behind leadership development—in terms of training importance.

Train a distributed workforce without fixed and costly training expenses

Training costs vary—and some costs are much higher than others. In fact, according to Training Magazine’s 2017 Training Industry Report, the total cost for training in 2017 amounted to $90.6 billion. And the largest contributors to training costs are training facilities, travel and equipment.

By removing these expenses, organizations can provide effective employee training while also saving money. To compare in person training vs. online training costs, click the link for a savings calculator.

Additional Benefits

Speeds-up ramp-up time for new hires, helping them be productive faster
Speeds-up ramp-up time for new hires, helping them be productive faster
Increases employee performance
Increases employee performance, reducing time and materials used for fixes and rework
Reduces employee turnover
Reduces employee turnover, lowering long-term hiring costs
Increases job satisfaction and morale
Increases job satisfaction and morale, improving employee retention

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