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Deliver your next virtual training session with confidence. Relying on ReadyTech’s industry-known Support Team ensures student connectivity, on-time launch and smooth learning experiences—each and every time.

With 24/7/365 support, you can focus on giving students the best learning experiences every time

Worry-free virtual training

ReadyTech’s Support Team is available whenever you need them. Worrying is unnecessary when our support team is behind you, helping with any issues that you and your students may encounter. Think of us as your safety net. We allow you to focus on being the best instructor you can be and ensuring your students have the most effective learning experience possible. ReadyTech always has your back should any questions or issues arise.

Support is available to all customers

Virtual classrooms have numerous moving pieces. Not only do instructors need to be able to use ReadyTech’s tool and start the class, students also need to connect to their virtual training lab, join the virtual classroom and ensure that audio works. ReadyTech’s Support Team is trained to provide assistance and answer the entire spectrum of questions that come up. Just call our support line and our support representatives will answer your questions and resolve any issues. ReadyTech will also work directly with your customer’s on-site IT department to ensure that your virtual class is performing well.

Focus on teaching class

With ReadyTech Support, instructors are free to engage students and focus on delivering quality training. In addition, by staying focused on students, instructors can reduce the risk of student distraction, frustration and dissatisfaction. Decreasing technical difficulties and barriers through support means that students are free to fully participate in the virtual classroom experience and concentrate their efforts on the tasks of learning, engaging, and collaborating.

24/7/365 Support

With the popularity of online and self-paced classes, it is common for students to take training at odd hours and away from traditional instructor office hours. In addition, students can log in to classes around the world and across many different time zones. Our 24/7/365 accessibility allows us to provide support to anyone at any hour.

ReadyTech provides 24/7/365 support to your training department’s entire ecosystem of students, IT staff and partners

Support Services Included

"ReadyTech’s ability to support us quickly and 24/7/365 was the differentiating factor--they also provide multiple layers of support from customer, instructor, to image processing support. ReadyTech far outperforms its SLA with Informatica."
Dave Palmer
Global University Delivery Manager

Training Environment Setup

"As a training professional I know that I can count on ReadyTech for a best in class environment and best in class support, if needed. Throughout the years, they have come up with innovative ways to help instructors ensure that their students have the best training experience possible. Pleasure to work with!"
Mike Rockowitz
Senior Technical Instructor