What Makes an Online Training System Simple and User-Friendly?

No matter how effective your training strategy is, it will be challenging to deliver a fun and engaging session with an ineffective online training system. Poor quality hinders learners from accessing the course, or utilizing materials without difficulty.

So, if you’re not currently satisfied with your online training system, it’s time for a change. The more user-friendly it is, the more it will make learning easy and effective for your trainees. Here are some signs of a high-quality online training system.

Involving the Learner

Pure theory is no fun for anyone. While learning the ins and outs of various concepts is necessary, dry content shouldn’t be the primary focus. Each training system should allow a combination of exercises and activities to help learners understand the real-world relevance of the content. These activities can be anything from quizzes, surveys, or games, and much more.

Preferably, learners should be as engaged as possible, so that they have the motivation to complete the entire course. This goes for all uses of a learning management system, whether for students, businesses, or employees.

Having a Clear Plan

The course also needs a clearly defined sense of progression. Each subject should have an evident connection to the one that came before. Grouped learning modules also give the learner a sense of accomplishment that provide encouraging milestones for larger exercises.

If there are multiple people involved in the course, you could also add a leaderboard, or other incentives, to motivate progress through a little healthy competition.

Of course, the content needs to be accompanied by a simple user interface, with everything clearly labeled and accessible. However, while it’s important to have a plan, try to keep it flexible. It’s best if users are able to pause and resume at any time.

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Eliminate Distractions

It can be more difficult for an online training system to maintain a learner’s attention, especially if the course is full of tedious information. To maximize productivity, you should remove any potential distractions, both from the interface and the material. For instance, keep the contrast between the background and the text as unobtrusive as possible. Even though this is one of the most basic factors, many people forget to consider it. It’s also best to stick with the most relevant images and graphics in order to explain the overall concept more clearly.

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Effective Online Training

While there are additional factors that can make your training system more user-friendly and effective, these three are arguably the most important. As long as you remember to implement them into your system, you likely won’t have any issues, and sessions will become more valuable to your learners.

If you’re interested in hearing more about implementing effective online training with virtual instructors, feel free to reach out to us. Our team at ReadyTech can provide you with advanced, top-quality training solutions that meet your needs, and your budget. Contact us today to learn more!

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