The 7 Core Benefits of Remote Instructor-led Training

Now, more than ever, we are realizing the true value that online technologies offer to people of all ages. The shift from the classroom environment to online learning was already well underway, but the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the process. As we rely more on e-learning in our daily lives, we observe some important benefits that are associated with remote instructor-led training. Here are a few of those advantages.


Most people would agree that one of the main benefits of remote instructor-led training is its inherent flexibility. Instead of having all students in a single classroom, virtual training can take place no matter where learners are located. Students can also study when they find the time, as long as they complete their lessons. Online training can also be carried out over the course of a few months rather than within a string of successive days, as often happens in a traditional study environment. This allows students to take in the information at their own pace, without the need to hurry.

Cost Savings

Online learning can be significantly more cost-efficient in comparison to traditional learning tools, like in-person classes and printed manuals. Learning materials are available online and ready for download at any time of the day. Similarly, any changes to the materials can be made on the spot with a simple file update. Students can also save money on travel expenses and accommodation costs, as well as on time that’s lost while commuting to the training center.

Improved Retention and Engagement

Live virtual instructor-led training sessions help students focus on learning without in-person distractions. With fewer opportunities to multitask, students can engage more with the content, increasing comprehension and application of the material.

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Immediate Feedback

The most important part of any course is comprehension. In a traditional learning environment, the trainer would need to gather all the tests, mark them, and discuss them at the next session. But with online training, tests can be set to immediately return feedback to the students. This means they can improve their weaker areas more quickly.

Maximized Scalability

In-person training presents quite a few disadvantages, a big one being limited seating capacity. Learners who would greatly benefit from the teaching experience are left out due to a lack of physical space. But by using a remote training platform, you can eliminate this inconvenience. E-learning allows companies and schools to enroll more learners, ensuring everyone has the knowledge they need to be effective.

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The online learning environment gives trainers the necessary tools to check their students’ comprehension levels. Through mini-quizzes, exercises, and discussion, facilitators can identify students who may be struggling with a topic. This allows them to modify their approach so that all students get the help they need to understand the content.

Faster Results

Online learning is readily available. Shifting to virtual training makes even more sense in the context of competitive advantage. If you’re a company, being proactive and getting that training session started sooner rather than later can help you outpace your competitors.

Key Takeaway

Virtual instructor-led training is the future of learning. The cost-effectiveness, scalability, and efficiency of this technology have made it a popular trend in the development industry. Considering the points mentioned above, you can truly benefit from remote instructor-led training. ReadyTech offers the most user-friendly online training software to help your employees, partners, and customers learn and grow. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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