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Let potential customers test drive your product with the guidance of your sales representatives, accelerating deal speed and improving close rates.


During a demo, can your potential customers test drive your product under a sales rep’s supervision and guidance? With ReadyTech’s Sales Solution, they can. It allows your sales team to demo your product, then transfer control to the customer for a hands-on demo. Before the demo, sales representatives give the potential customer an access code and a URL—and off they go.

Let potential customers test drive your product with the guidance of a sales representative

Sales demos with ReadyTech enable potential customers to test drive your product under the supervision of a sales representative.

Allowing potential customers to explore your technology in a supervised, hands-on environment allows your sales team to respond to objections immediately and show customers exactly how your product adds value to their business. This means demos don’t go into the “Free Trial Black Hole,” but instead convert to actual opportunities and closed deals.

Enhance demo security and avoid technical snafus

ReadyTech is a modern alternative to WebEx that allows customers to enter an access code to enter their hands-on demo. ReadyTech’s sales solutions are entirely based on HTML5, so there’s no need to download any software. Sales representatives can give customers a hands-on demo with no technical issues. And after the demo is finished, customers can continue to access the hands-on environment.

Independence from IT

ReadyTech considers your demo labs to be mission critical. As a result, all labs are prepared prior to your demo and are available on-demand. This liberates your sales department from depending on IT, which allows your sales team to focus on giving the best hands-on demos to customers.

Additional Benefits

  • Give hands-on demos for SaaS products and complex, multi-system technology environments
  • Demo features that enable your sales team to showcase your technology effectively
  • Support for PowerPoint slides, video, diagrams and PDFs
  • No plug-ins or downloads required
  • ReadyTech’s sales solutions are compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera, allowing you to offer seamless sales demos anywhere in the world

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