Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

In a VILT class, students and instructors are in different locations, and everything happens in the cloud. Students benefit from a hands-on learning experience from this simulated learning experience.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) is an increasingly attractive option for tech companies seeking to educate their clients, partners, and workers on new software solutions or software- specific job scenarios and environments, given the recent improvements in internet bandwidth technology.

VILT is frequently more cost-effective and convenient than in-house laboratories, which require the maintenance of costly hardware and IT staff.

VILT can be employed for software training, sales demos, professional software development, and sandboxing.

Instructor-Led Training Solutions Provide Numerous Advantages

The cloud revolution has made instruction using VILT systems more scalable and accessible.

Save Time, Money, and Space

Companies can focus on the content rather than creating and managing an online session because modern VILT programs streamline the process. For example, new classrooms can be created without IT department assistance, new students can be added without incurring extra infrastructure, materials, or space costs, and new students can be added quickly with just a mouse click.

It's Scalable

Using analytics, instructors can track students’ progress and offer help whenever necessary. Students can be monitored ‘over the shoulder’ to ensure they progress as expected. Training efficiency can be increased, overhead can be reduced significantly, and the need for costly classroom training across the globe can be eliminated thanks to these advantages.

Greater Employee Engagement

Instructor-led training solutions are effective in engaging employees and increasing their engagement levels. In online learning, learners generally complete their training in isolation, without the chance to interact with their peers or the instructor. This may make learners feel disengaged from the process and the core concepts. With instructor-led training solutions, learners get a chance to interact with their peers and the instructor. This helps to engage learners and enhance their engagement levels. Learners may also get the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on parts of the subject they need help understanding. This can help to further engage learners.

Businesses Can Save a Lot of Money

Organizations can save a lot of money by implementing instructor-led training solutions. They allow organizations to control their headcount as they do not require instructors to be working full time.

Improved Employee Productivity

The rise in digital technologies has led to employees frequently turning to technology to satisfy their daily needs and requirements. As a result, productivity levels are often low in organizations. With instructor-led training solutions, organizations can help to improve their employees’ productivity levels. This is because instructors can provide information relevant to the workplace, and the employees can engage and interact with their peers and instructors in a live environment. In online learning, employees must rely on self-direction to find the necessary information. This may result in them spending time searching for the information they need and not getting the information they require.

Organizational Growth and Development

Organizations can help to grow and develop by providing effective instructor-led training solutions. With instructor-led training solutions, organizations can provide employees with practical training in a live environment. This allows organizations to provide training relevant to their employees’ specific needs and requirements. In online learning, organizations would have to develop the course materials and make them relevant to the needs and requirements of the employees. This can be a time-consuming and costly process.

The Importance of Being Accessible

As the economy and technology become increasingly globalized, making your training environments accessible to a worldwide audience is increasingly important. When dealing with clients from all over the world, software businesses must accommodate different preferences and goals. VILT seeks to customize training sessions for different student and teacher groups. VILT sessions, such as those offered by ReadyTech, can be accessed globally 24/7 from any web browser on any machine with an internet connection.

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