Remote Training Software- Ways to Train Remote Employees

As companies have shifted rapidly to remote training for their employees, it is instinctual to wonder how learning online can be accomplished. We can recognize how traditional interaction between instructor and student, the chalk board, and group collaboration has achieved learning outcomes in face-to-face settings for many decades. The good news is these mediums have been translated effectively to the remote modality in the form of virtual classroom software. Read on to learn more about the remote training software ReadyTech has for you to promote learning and interactivity in your virtual classroom.

Ways to Train Using Remote Training Software

Video Conferencing

Lectures are an effective way to transfer knowledge, as most students are visual learners who learn better from communication rather than sourcing from a textbook. This is perhaps why YouTube is such a popular search engine. Students may wonder how the material needed to be retained from an online course will be transferred to them, believing that the traditional lecture may have languished in the virtual classroom. However, the imperative lecture feature not only has been preserved in ReadyTech’s virtual classroom software, it has simultaneously received a serious upgrade. Most live lecture material is lost in between distraction, zoning out, and note taking. ReadyTech’s video conferencing software brings lectures to life, allows the instructor to teach audibly and visually, uses more effective visual aids, and allows the student to go back to recordings and find what they may have missed or need to study further.

Virtual Labs

Perhaps what is most lost when switching from in person to virtual classroom settings is peer and instructor interaction, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Interactivity is one of the benefits to learning in person, and it can be achieved in an even more focused way online. Taking the egalitarian approach, ReadyTech’s virtual lab feature allows an instructor to see the entire classroom at once and monitor student progress. This differs from a classroom setting where some students might sit in the back and both the instructor and student naturally become disengaged from one another. In addition, the virtual lab allows students to see and interact with the instructor and their peers clearly and equivalently. And most notably, if a student becomes disengaged or participation has halted, the virtual lab feature allows an instructor to be informed right away and is able to provide remediation just in time.


The whiteboard (or chalk board) has been a useful classroom tool for ages and has been translated to the virtual setting with incomparable upgrades. The virtual whiteboard can highlight and zoom in on certain topics and provide more in-depth information for the learner.


Collaboration is perhaps the single most useful tool for learning. It fosters an awareness of different perspectives of thinking and learning, and it is a better means by which to learn holistically. ReadyTech has preserved the integrity of group discourse through 1:1 and group chat features so students can take advantage of synchronous conversation.

Let’s Talk Remote Training Software

ReadyTech provides companies and employees with a hosted training solution that offers hands-on, virtual training software to aid employees in practicing job skills. Companies that invest in employee training benefit from reduced attrition rates and hiring costs, better productivity, more knowledgeable employees, and a competitive hiring environment.

ReadyTech provides you with all the software you need for your virtual classroom, and we offer a full-service setup process as well as 24/7 live support. Contact us today by calling (800) 707-1009.

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