Creating Emotional Engagement in the Remote Classroom

Remote training software is defined as computer-based technology that allows the instructor and student(s) to be separated yet interact with each other through the use of multimedia (voice, video), text chat, and whiteboards. With the increasing use of online course delivery and remote instructor-led training for employees, emotional engagement is a crucial aspect of online teaching effectiveness. Emotional engagement increases student motivation and satisfaction, thus creating more effective learning experiences.

While online training software can present unique challenges to instructors and the training of employees, read on to learn how the software ReadyTech uses to train employees can help them be and remain emotionally connected within the course and how educators can facilitate social and collaborative interaction.

Examples for Social Collaboration in Remote Training Software

Below are some ways that remote training software can be used to the advantage of engaging students in what they are learning:

  •     Trainers can encourage more active participation in the course by encouraging communication through group discussion boards and chat, using web conferencing tools, and/or by leveraging social networking sites.
  •     Trainers can use remote training software to demonstrate how they facilitate discussion and group work in the online classroom through the sharing of online screen captures or screen-casting.
  •     Remote training software provides the ability to record online tutoring sessions, lectures and presentations, which can be shared with students outside of class time.
  •     Remote training software allows for more interactivity between instructors and their students through the use of visual aids like screen-casting (captured screen images mixed with narration), recorded webinars, archived chat exchanges, and lecture/tutorial videos.
  •     Remote training software allows for a more personalized online classroom where students have the opportunity to ask questions without feeling intimidated by standing out in a large class or being seen by instructors or other students.
  •     Remote training software provides the ability to have asynchronous discussions in online group forums, chat rooms, or social networking sites.
  • Creating Emotional Engagement in the Remote Classroom
  •     Remote training software can be used in a flipped classroom model where lectures are viewed at home before the class period, while the online sessions focus on active learning activities involving student-student or student-instructor interactions.
  •     Remote training software can provide educators with an additional means of interacting with their students outside the online classroom through online discussion boards, chat sessions, or email exchanges.
  •     Remote training software can help create a more personal learning experience for students by allowing them to have access to course materials outside of class time.
  •     Remote training software provides educators with the opportunity to have office hours that are archived and available outside of class session times, thus increasing the availability of support the instructor can provide their students.
  •     Remote training software allows students to engage in group work, presentations, or projects outside of class time.

We Can Help

Fortunately, remote training software provides different ways that students can interact with trainers and peers which encourages participation and active learning.

ReadyTech provides companies and employees with a hosted training solution that offers hands-on, virtual training software to aid employees in practicing job skills. Companies that invest in employee training benefit from reduced attrition rates and hiring costs, better productivity, more knowledgeable employees, and a competitive hiring environment.

ReadyTech provides you with all the software you need for your virtual classroom, and we offer a full-service setup process as well as 24/7 live support. Contact us today.

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