Optimizing the Distance Learning Experience

When businesses need to train employees, whether it’s a small update or an entirely new skill set, they’ll often opt for in-person corporate training programs. However, remote instructor-led training, also known as virtual classroom training, is a great alternative to traditional in-person instruction. With virtual instructor-led training, companies have the ability to train large groups of employees without requiring them to take time out of the office or find their own accommodations. Online instructor-led training also provides a more personal experience than web-based instruction. Here are some ways remote training platforms like ReadyTech’s can be optimized for the distance learning experience.

Flexible Learning Schedules

We know that not everyone can accommodate a training schedule that requires them to take time out of the office and still perform their regular job duties. Remote instructor-led training is often designed with this in mind. Flexible schedules help employees at all levels, regardless of their technical abilities or background, adhere to any pre-existing work requirements. Remote corporate classroom courses are often designed with flexible start and end times in mind, so employees can take the training at their own pace. For courses with deadlines, instructors can also employ features like auto-grading to ensure all learners are able to stay on track.

Customized Groups for Remote Corporate Training

One of the most common problems virtual instructor-led training addresses is creating customized groups. Remote training courses are designed to address unique needs, while still accommodating different learning styles and abilities. For example, if someone has never worked with certain software before but has the resources available to learn it, remote instructor-led training can be customized to include pre-class or post-class access so they can get up to speed quickly. Remote training courses are also designed to accommodate learners at different levels. Remote instructor-led training can be customized to include exercises, quizzes, group projects and other interactive activities that help reinforce the information being taught in class.

Meets Compliance Requirements

As an online course provider for students in many countries across the globe, we know how hard it can be to meet compliance requirements when teaching a course online. Remote instructor-led training is designed with this in mind, making it easier for businesses and organizations to ensure a safe environment for learning. Remote corporate class courses are developed around valuable content, not flashy gimmicks or distracting elements. Remote corporate classroom courses also make it easy to monitor student activity. Remote training programs are designed to provide all learners with the same, valuable experience.

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Some of the most innovative companies around the world are already making use of virtual instructor-led training. Remote corporate courses work for large multinational corporations as well as small local businesses. Remote online courses help employees at any level excel in their field and stay ahead of the competition. Remote instructor-led training courses are a valuable resource for almost any business or organization looking to make sure its employees have the resources they need to succeed.

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