Ask the Expert: Scott Ruegg with Software AG

I have been teaching for 40 years, beginning back in high school. When my math professor was sick, the school would bring in a sub. The sub would sit down—and I taught the math course. I have been teaching ever since.

How did you become an instructor?

I have taught numerous courses, including Pascal, Algebra, Trigonometry, TCP/IP, Ada, Introduction to the Air Force and Flying Airplanes. I was hired at Software AG as an instructor/course developer about 17 years ago, and I have been teaching the Software AG Suite ever since.

How has training delivery changed since you’ve been an instructor?

Training has evolved from classroom training without computers, to on-site delivery with an instructor setting up the software on each training box, to remote training, and finally, I am seeing the development of more self-paced training courses.

How long have you been using ReadyTech’s solutions?

About 10 years—using your Instructor-Led Training solution.

Which tools or features do you use the most?

LabManager is great because it allows me to help students and see exactly what they are doing. I typically use it when a student asks for help. I also use LabManager to evaluate if I need to allow more time for the students to complete a virtual training lab. And also the over the shoulder features, which allows instructors to take control of a student’s system.

Learn more about ReadyTech’s virtual training labs.

What advice would you give to a new instructor just starting with ReadyTech’s solutions?

Practice! Have someone “play” a student, and then try to use WebEx and ReadyTech. Practice how to use chat, screen sharing, and “help” the student with an exercise.

About Software AG
Software AG offers the first end-to-end digital business platform—based on open standards—with integration, process management, in-memory data, adaptive application development, real-time analytics and enterprise architecture management as core building blocks. The modular platform allows users to develop the next generation of application systems to build their digital future.

With more than 45 years of customer-centric innovation, Software AG is ranked as a leader in many innovative and digital technology categories. The company has more than 4,500 employees, is active in 70 countries and had revenues of €872 million in 2016.


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Company Size
€870 million in 2016 revenues
4,500 employees

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