Ask the Expert: Rob de Korte with RES Software

I joined RES as a Support Engineer—but actually had a background working for a training company. I kept telling everyone that my passion was actually in training, so after a few years, I was offered an opportunity to become a trainer—and I took it. That was 6 years ago.

How has training delivery changed since you’ve been an instructor?

Not as much as one would think. The old-fashioned in-person training is still going strong—even though people have been predicting its demise for the past 15 years.

However, what has changed is the lab environment. In the beginning, setting up a classroom meant providing one or more physical machines per student. For the trainer, there was a KVM switch to move the projected image from one computer to another.

Later came VMs that could run side by side on a single laptop, but these still required a lot of time to copy the VMs to each student’s machine. And then of course came the cloud offerings, such as ReadyTech. The preparations are next-to-none and the flexibility is way better than other solutions. But you do need a strong Internet connection to ensure everything runs smoothly.

How long have you been using ReadyTech’s solutions?

I’ve been using the ReadyTech virtual training software since 2013. Up until now, we have been using the ReadyTech’s Instructor-Led Training solution. Although, we are definitely open to offering self-paced training, but have not yet developed the course materials for this type of training.

“ReadyTech’s virtual training software is extremely reliable and easy to use. Their support is awesome. It allows trainers to focus on what they are paid for—to delivery training—without having to troubleshoot technical, connection or performance issues.”

Which virtual training tools do you use the most?

LabManager. We often use ReadyTech in online training delivery—and LabManager allows me to easily keep track of my students’ progress in the virtual training labs, as well as helps students solve their problems by taking control of their virtual training lab. I also use LabManager to monitor students during lab time and help them if they get stuck. I sometimes use the screen sharing feature to show one student’s virtual training lab to the rest of the class. They can see what type of problems they may run into—or I can show them alternative solutions from other students.

The Transfer Files feature allows me to distribute new versions of configuration files among my students, making the virtual training lab a lot more agile.

What’s your favorite tool/feature?

The fact that my students are able to contact support directly, and even before the training has started, is very helpful. This way, any connection problems can already be solved before I start my class.

Learn more about ReadyTech’s 24/7 Support Services.

What advice/tips would you give to a new instructor just starting with ReadyTech’s solutions?

Most functionality is pretty straightforward, so learning how to use the ReadyTech’s virtual training software takes only a few minutes. ReadyTech provides free demos and I recommend getting one of these. If you miss something, you can contact ReadyTech 24/7 Support. They respond very quickly and will be able to tell you where your desired feature can be found.

In my case, every time I missed a feature, support would tell me that it was “already in development” and often, I would have it a few weeks later. ReadyTech’s virtual training software is extremely reliable and easy to use. Their support is awesome. It allows trainers to focus on what they are paid for—to deliver training—without having to troubleshoot technical, connection or performance issues.

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