19 Ways Online Training Promotes Equality

Employee training is an integral element to any job, with many companies relying on it to educate their workforce. However, many employees cannot attend classes because of external disruptions or because they lost their motivation to go through the training. That’s where online employee training comes in handy. Below you will read the many benefits online employee training can provide to your employees. What’s more, you will find how training employees using online training software promotes equality in your workforce.

Ways Online Employee Training Promotes Equality

It Accommodates Introverts

In a traditional classroom setting, it may take days before an employee gets comfortable with the environment and learns how to act around his/her co-trainees. There is also no need for employees to worry about what others in class think of them because they can work whenever they feel comfortable.

It Allows Everyone to Be Productive

With online learning software however, the employees will have a more productive but less boring experience because they learn online through visuals instead of trying to follow along in a traditional lecture and trying to piece together what the trainer is saying.

It Caters to Individual Schedules

Online training allows for flexible scheduling—employees can access it anytime and anywhere provided they have an internet connection. In addition, they can complete the course at their own pace if they’re multi-tasking. How many of us can afford to set aside a solid block of time from our busy schedules and take a professional training course? It may be hard to get people to sign up for training if it is too demanding on their work day, and it is nearly impossible to coordinate the schedules of a dozen or so people and have them all in one room to train. Online, instructor-led training platforms like ReadyTech’s are the antidote for the working adult or for those who have other obligations during the day or week.

No One Gets Left Behind

Additionally, Online courses allow companies to track their employees’ progress and determine if learners felt that a particular part contained too much information for one session. If there are moments during the course when users feel that they don’t understand, it can be modified so that only the important points are emphasized in successive lessons.

It Helps Those Who Get Easily Distracted

In online training, distractions are significantly reduced—users don’t have to wait in line or go through traffic or attend a classroom with an instructor and other participants who might also be distracted.

Nobody Has to Wait

Learners can take courses at their own pace in their own time zone and preferred location; they do not have to wait for next available training session or travel some distance/time away.

All Employees Can be Recognized and Rewarded

Employers can track progress, measure competence level and create certificates of completion easily through one centralized system instead of dozens of paper systems. Employees are also able to better manage their work and study hours while tracking personal achievements on site Employees can access this info from anywhere.

It is an Equitable Way to Learn

Online courses are inherently egalitarian in their teaching approach, and they can and will meet any student where they are in their skillset, no matter their age, intellect, or resources.  They allow an instructor to see the entire classroom at once and monitor student progress. This differs from a classroom setting where some students might sit in the back and both the instructor and student naturally become disengaged from one another.  In addition, the virtual lab allows students to see and interact with the instructor and their peers clearly and equally. And most notably, if a student becomes disengaged or participation has halted, the virtual lab feature allows an instructor to be informed right away and is able to provide remediation just in time.

All Students Get Better Learning Tools

Students who need something clarified or repeated for better retention of knowledge have the ability to pause, shift, or even rewind a lesson. This is a valuable tool that is not possible in a regular, fleeting classroom setting. Online courses empower students to learn at the pace that makes sense for them rather than be left behind in a rapid paced classroom setting.

It is Widely Accessible

Anyone with a computer and internet connection can access the course from anywhere on the globe. This means that training is not beholden to geographical location or wrangling twenty or more employees in one room at one given time. The flexibility ensures that your company’s time and money is never wasted. In addition, this is an equitable way to provide training to any employee no matter where they are.

It Bridges Knowledge Spectrums

Since students’ skill-sets exist on a wide spectrum, this inevitably means training will be either too slow or too fast because most students have differing knowledge on what they are learning. It was rare in the past to be able to receive training or education at one’s own pace, as typically every student in the class would need to learn at the instructor’s pace.

Online training software has the advantage of allowing beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses and allow students to begin at different entry points. In addition, students who take longer on an assignment, quiz, or test can do so, while other students who finish early do not have to wait for their peers and can move ahead. Online course content is based directly on existing skills and performance indicators; no repeated training for different departments/sites.

It Doesn’t Hinder Productivity

It does not require loads of time away from work or full day classes onsite. Online coursework is structured to help trainees maximize their time and effort as they collaborate with teams and work toward deadlines. All of this aids the employee to manage his or her workload in the real world. Online courses can be constructed in ways to encourage students stay on track and are meeting important milestones, reinforcing time management and creating accountability in the workplace.

It Gives Everyone an Opportunity to Advance

eLearning is a great way to keep your employees engaged by personalizing and customizing their courses offering unique insight into what they need to advance their careers at your organization.

It is Thorough

Online training courses can last longer than traditional face-to-face classes, ensuring that learners have a deeper understanding of subject matter they’re being taught. Plus, this increases the likelihood that they will retain what they’re being taught.

Everyone Learns Leadership Skills

Online learning is now available to be implemented throughout an entire organization, which means communication between your employees and leadership teams increases because of it.

In Enables Everyone to Improve

Online training allows organizations to engage in continual improvement, which is key to delivering continuous growth and innovation.

It is Ongoing

Online training courses are highly effective in delivering knowledge and skills to your employees throughout their career cycle. These can be considered “continuous improvement activities” as well.

It promotes digital equity

Digital equity and digital divide are two issues that the advent of the internet has created. If an employee is a digital native, he or she likely had access to a computer growing up, and the learning curve is shallow. However, these types of employees have only recently entered the job market, and a lot of the population of a company did not grow up with that technological advantage. Training an employee to use technology is not necessarily the requirement of your company, but it is wise if you wish to attract and train effective employees. Online employee training can bridge this gap, upskilling your employees for their job description as well as teaching them basic and imperative tech skills.

It promotes awareness of diversity

The 21st century workplace is more diverse than ever before. Telecommuting and global companies unite individuals from all over the world and erase borders, so it is important to encourage employees to be aware of and work with diversity of thought. Virtual classrooms enable students from different ages, cultures, skills, and backgrounds to be in the same room like never before, and they promote access to a diverse network of people. Students can work with and learn from people all over the world, which in turn enhances their awareness of the global nature of the 21st century workplace.

The Bottom Line

If your company decides not to implement online learning, your competitors who do might start to outperform you. Online training courses help organizations improve overall employee engagement and reach and can benefit continuous improvement techniques, which means organizations can reach their goals. In addition, online training creates an environment for more opportunities for employees, such as career advancement, networking, and team building initiatives.

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