Virtual Instructor-Led Training Boost Motivation

Motivation is the key to learning. With motivation, students give more energized and directed effort, increased persistence and attention, and enhanced performance. But how can VILT instructors ensure that students are motivated? Here are some valuable tips to enhance student motivation in VILT classes:

Increase the challenge

Students learn best when challenged because quite simply, challenge is motivating. Don’t be misled into thinking that you should take it easier on students because they are in a VILT class—continue to stretch the abilities of students. For example, during the virtual training labs portion of the VILT class, add curve balls and decision-making exercises to simulate real-life scenarios when using your software product.

Say less

Spend less time and energy on presenting content and more time on getting students to do something. Since you are using a VILT class, take advantage of virtual training labs, which give students hands on training experience.

Modify difficulty

Repetitive tasks can lead to stagnancy. To break out of this habit, consistently change the difficulty level of content. For example, at the start of the VILT class, ask students to follow steps with how-to instructions. After students finish this exercise, ask them to do a similar exercise (using a virtual training lab) without the aid of the how-to instructions.

The root of learning is motivation and this even more true in VILT classes. So be sure to enhance students’ motivation to learn. While it is difficult to motivate all learners, these strategies will help you motivate the majority of students.

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