Top 5 Tips on How to Make Virtual Online Training Sessions Fun and Interactive

Virtual online training sessions are becoming more popular by the day, connecting people from all around the world to learn about specific subjects. However, the online learning experience may not be enjoyable for the learner in some occasions. In order to provide not only valuable knowledge but also a fun session that the learner will remember for a long time, you can read the following tips to make your online training sessions entertaining as much as professional.

Involve People’s Imaginations

fun and interactive online training sessionA really fun live learning session goes beyond being just present but allows the audience to make use of their imagination. A frequent practice during webinars is to ask learners to draw a concept related to the topic, digitally or physically. Consequently, both the mind and the body will be widely engaged in the session.

Use Virtual Learning Tools

A quick and easy way to make an e-learning session more interactive is to ask the audience for their comments and opinions. This is why many webinar platforms provide a chat room and a polling tool so that the host can read the responses aloud and strengthen the connection with the audience. Doing so enhances the interactivity of the event, as learners see themselves as an active part of the session.

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Rehearse the Presentation

Going through your e-learning session one or more times can help you not only with the theoretical aspect of the presentation, but also provides the opportunity to fix technical problems. Although most live events deal with minor audio or video issues, an unexpected difficulty can really make your audience to lose interest.

Set Learning Objectives from the Start

making online training sessions Fun and InteractiveEvery presentation must outline its objectives from the start because mess and disorganization make virtual online training sessions less fun and engaging. For this purpose, it’s highly recommended to state the topics to be covered and what is the goal of the presentation before diving deeper into the webinar. Additionally, make sure to keep the training session not too long, and also recap at the end what it was learned from the session.

Invest in Technology

Every online learning session needs a short series of technological devices to transmit your knowledge to the audience, and the higher quality these devices are, the better the experience will be for the learners. Likewise, it’s essential to invest time in finding the right training delivery platform that best suits your needs. Each platform offers different digital tools such as sharing files, a whiteboard, or breakout rooms. Learn about different platforms and use the one that helps you the most.

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Virtual education provides the opportunity for teachers and students to interactively learn about multiple topics, as they overcome geographic barriers without much-needed management. The most important advantages of virtual learning include:

  • Accessibility: Geographic location or physical handicaps are no impediments for attending a virtual learning session
  • Flexibility: Learning materials are available online at every moment, meaning you can access them at your most convenient time
  • Engagement: Online platforms offer multiple tools that make virtual learning fun and interactive, creating opportunities for improved ways of learning

Even though people are still learning about virtual reality teaching and how to take the most advantage of it, virtual training already is a popular and useful way to train a person in multiple fields. Besides, a great development is still expected in this practice in the years to come.

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