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What is Axis?

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Key Features and Benefits

Select the best cloud provider for you

Each cloud provider has unique features, locations, and pricing options. With Axis, you can choose the cloud provider that works best for your training. You can even use a combination of providers if classes have different lab requirements.

Manage costs

Cost management with the cloud providers is challenging. You must remember to start and stop VMs and clean up images that are no longer needed. Axis solves this problem by starting, pausing, and terminating virtual training labs according to your training schedule. It also alerts you when orphan VMs, images, and other objects are needlessly consuming resources.

Pay the cloud provider directly

With Axis, you use your own cloud provider account. You are billed for your resource usage directly by the provider, which means you are able to negotiate with the provider to get the best price based on total usage across your organization.

Get an easy to use, training-focused portal

The cloud provider consoles are complicated and have way more features than a training organization would never need. Axis isolates training coordinators, management, and instructors from the cloud providers’ complexity. It provides an easy-to-use interface where you manage training-focused objects, such as course templates, lab plans, instructors, class schedules and student seats.

Instructor oversight and control

For instructor-led training, it is critical for the instructor to be able to monitor and assist students with their lab activities. Axis has a basic, built-in “over the shoulder” feature or you have the option to upgrade to ReadyTech’s LabManager, which gives the instructor full student oversight, control and screen sharing options within the virtual training environment.

Optimize performance

Using the major cloud providers gives you access to a variety of platforms and resources available in more than 50 data centers around the world. Axis lets you pick the ideal platform and data center for each course, so you can achieve optimum performance.

Secure, reliable connectivity

The cloud providers offer public access to lab environment using tools, such as SSH and RDP. However, many firewalls block this kind of access, resulting in students and instructors not being able to connect to their virtual training labs. Axis includes ReadyTech HyperView—a proprietary viewer technology—which allows users to access their virtual training labs using firewall-friendly protocols and without labs being exposed to the open internet.

Partner management

If you use partners to deliver your training, Axis allows you to securely share your course templates with partners, monitor their training activity, and have them pay their own cloud provider and/or Axis costs.

ReadyTech + Major Cloud Providers = Success!

ReadyTech has a 25+ year history providing outstanding products and services to the training market. Our solutions for delivering instructor-led and self-paced training are best of breed. Our portals and tools allow users to access, monitor, control, and track participants in a training course in ways no other vendor can match. Until now, the only way to get access to our training solutions was to use our lab hosting and data centers—but we wanted to change that.

There is no denying the value provided by major cloud vendors for running virtual training labs. The global infrastructure, reliability, security, and pricing are unbeatable. With Axis, we provide the ability to take advantage of the economy of scale that the cloud providers offer, while continuing to use our training solutions and tools.

Axis is a training management application that allows deployment of your virtual training labs to one of the major cloud providers. Axis supports AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This means you can pick the best cloud vendor for your specific needs, whether that’s price, platform availability, regional availability, corporate policy or something else.

Because using cloud vendors directly to deliver training is difficult, a key goal of Axis is to isolate training staff from the complexities of working with the cloud provider console. Axis provides an easy-to-use, training-focused interface. Instead of working with confusing cloud provider objects, such as security groups, VPNs, VHDs, and AMIs, Axis users work with familiar objects, such as lab plans, course templates, training events and student seats.

Another unique feature of Axis is the pricing model. Other vendors markup cloud provider prices, eliminating your ability to negotiate the best prices with the cloud provider directly. With Axis, you pay the cloud provider directly for your resource usage-we don’t
sit in the middle.



Axis plans are based on the number of seat days per month. A seat day is 1 day of training for 1 participant. Participants are students and instructors. For example, a 3-day class with 1 instructor and 9 students has 10 participants, and would need 30 seat days.

Estimate your seat days

You can use the below calculation to estimate how many monthly seat days you will need:

Average number of events per month 6
Average event length (days) x 4
Average number of participants x 20
Monthly seat days = 480
* Average # of events per month
* Average event length (days)
* Average number of participants
Monthly seat days


Once the average monthly seat days number is determined, select an Axis plan.

Axis Plans
Plan Monthly Subscription Incl. Seat Day Pre-paid Seat Day Add-on Seat Day
1 $99 100 $0.99 $0.80
2 $239 600 $0.40 $0.75
3 $529 1,500 $0.35 $0.70
4 $1,049 3,500 $0.30 $0.65
5 $1,999 8,000 $0.25 $0.60
6 $2,999 15,000 $0.20 $0.55

As an example, a training organization with 480 seat days per month should consider Plan 1 or Plan 2. Plan 1 includes 100 pre-paid seat days, then $0.80 for additional seat days. In this example, Plan 1 would cost $403 per month: $99 + (380 add-on seat days x $0.80). Plan 2 includes 600 pre-paid seat days for a $239 monthly subscription which makes it a better fit in this example.


Unused seat days roll over to the next month. When upgrading to a higher plan, any banked seat days are retained. When downgrading or canceling plans, however, banked seat days are lost.

What’s included?

All features of Axis are included in all plan levels. This includes event scheduling, participant notifications, seat management, partner management, image management and the ability to run virtual training labs and virtual training environments on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. To learn more about Cloud Labs, click here.

With an additional subscription for LabManager, instructors get an over-the-shoulder view of student desktops to see what students are doing at all times.

Cloud Labs

Axis allows training organizations to schedule virtual training labs and provide remote lab access to training participants. Currently, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are supported.

How it works
  1. Create an account with one or more of the cloud providers.
  2. Build your lab image(s) on the selected provider or upload existing virtual machines.
  3. Define your course templates and schedule your training events.
  4. Axis will now start and stop the labs based on your training schedule.

The cost of using cloud labs consists of cloud provider fees and Axis cloud lab fees. When running labs at the cloud providers, training organizations will be billed directly by the cloud provider. Each cloud provider has their own pricing.

The Axis cloud lab fees are based on an hourly (VM Hours) fee for each virtual machine Axis manages regardless of what resources (memory, disk, cores) it uses. For example, a 2-day class needing 3 VMs per participant for 8 hours per day for 10 participants would need 480 VM hours.

Cloud Plans

To pick the right plan, estimate the number of VM hours that will be used per month.

Plan Monthly Subscription Incl. VM Hours Incl. Pre-paid VM Hour Add-on VM Hour
No cloud plan $0.50
1 $799 2,500 $0.32 $0.45
2 $1,349 5,000 $0.27 $0.40
3 $2,399 10,000 $0.24 $0.35
4 $4,199 20,000 $0.21 $0.30
5 $7,199 40,000 $0.18 $0.25
6 $14,999 100,000 $0.15 $0.20

As an example, if 6,000 VM hours per month are needed, use Plan 2 and pay $1,349 per month plus $400 for 1,000 add-on VM hours for a total of $1,749. That would be cheaper than Plan 3 with 10,000 pre-paid VM hours for $2,399 per month.


Unused VM hours roll over to the next month. When upgrading to a higher plan, any banked VM hours are retained. When downgrading or canceling plans, however, banked VM hours are lost.


LabManager gives instructors complete visibility, monitoring and control of student systems. Instructors have an over-the-shoulder view of student desktops to see what students are doing at all times. Click here to learn more about LabManager’s features.

Plan Available Seats Per Events Monthly Subscription*To be able to use LabManager in a class, each instructor will need their own license. Each instructor counts as a seats.
Plan 1 26 $69 per Instructor
Plan 2 51 $109 per Instructor
Plan 3 201 $199 per Instructor

LabManager gives instructors an over-the-shoulder view of student desktops.

Axis Professional Services Pricing

Axis Application Support – Free

Support for all aspects of the Axis web application including:

  • Account Administration and Billing

  • User Management

  • Setup of Provider Connections

  • Help with Provider Quota increases and management

  • Configuration of Images, Lab Plans, Templates and Events

Image Import Pricing

ReadyTech Professional Services can help with the import and setup of your local virtual machine images at the cloud providers. We have support for the following virtual machine formats:

  • VMware: VMX or OVF/A.

  • Hyper-V: VHD or VHDX.

Pricing for image imports:
  • Simple Image Import – $600 per image

  • Single hard drive

  • Flat networking

  • Complete Image Import – $1,000 per image

  • Multiple hard drives

  • Complex networking

  • Special Case Images – $1,500 per image

  • UEFI/GPT images

  • Linux multi hard drive images

Professional Services – $250 per hour

A scheduled online meeting with an Axis support professional

  • Help develop a plan for moving your current lab setup to a provider and Axis.

  • Help prepare images for upload.

  • Help import images to cloud provider.

  • Help calculate and manage cloud provider’s limit qoutas.


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