Instructor-Led Portal

An Instructor-Led Portal is a platform or website designed to facilitate the delivery of instructor-led or teacher-led training programs. The portal typically provides access to online course content, resources, and tools for both instructors and students.

In an Instructor-Led Portal, instructors can manage course materials, communicate with students, and monitor student progress. They can also deliver live online lectures, conduct assessments, and provide feedback to students.

For students, the portal provides access to course content, assignments, and assessments. They can also communicate with instructors and other students, and track their progress throughout the course.

Instructor-Led Portals are commonly used by educational institutions, corporate training programs, and other organizations to deliver online training and education programs to a wide audience. The use of an Instructor-Led Portal can help to provide a more structured and organized learning experience for students, while also making it easier for instructors to manage and deliver their courses.

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