Informatica reaffirms ReadyTech as key online
training software provider for Global University

ReadyTech’s infrastructure and 24/7 Live Support lead to selection decisions

Informatica’s global, customer onboarding training program

Founded in 1993, Informatica is a software development company with over 5,000 customers and $1.05 billion in annual sales. In 2015, Informatica was acquired for $5.3 billion by investors that included Microsoft and Salesforce Ventures.

Informatica provides software products and services focused on data integration, information lifecycle management, cloud data integration, data processing, and data management. As part of its software product sales, Informatica provides training to help its customers onboard their products faster. Informatica has been using ReadyTech’s online training software for nearly a decade, which has involved two comprehensive reviews – initially in 2006 and again in 2014, reaffirming that ReadyTech is the winning solution. Since working with ReadyTech, online training has become one of the biggest revenue contributors to the Informatica Global University. Detailed below is a review of why Informatica chooses to partner with ReadyTech and why Informatica’s Global University Department continues to see ReadyTech as the virtual training software partner of choice.

Network instability and unresponsive support

In 2005, Informatica was running its Global University department with another training vendor. But after years of trying to fix mission-critical problems like network instability, unreliable connectivity, broken class images, unresponsive support, and 3-4 second latency delays – the previous vendor was simply unable to service Informatica’s growing Global University. As Dave Palmer, Informatica’s Global University Training Delivery Manager, remembers, “Informatica was not stable on the previous vendor’s environment and maintaining connectivity was sporadic. No one could figure out the problem and customer satisfaction was becoming an issue.”

The initial 2006 vendor evaluation was also driven by Informatica’s instructors and students, who reported low satisfaction levels due to the poor training environments they were experiencing. As Bert Peters, an Informatica Customer Success Consultant recalls, “Our previous vendor had a fatal flaw in that you could not reboot a single student’s machine without rebooting all of the machines. That was a huge problem. … We went to another vendor that didn’t have that rebooting problem, but then we ran into performance and scaling issues.”

So in 2006, Informatica went into the market to evaluate other virtual training software for their Global University. Critical to their evaluation process was a training delivery platform that was stable, had better graphical performance, no latency, and offered scalability.

Informatica’s vendor reviews choose ReadyTech twice

After performing a thorough, multi-vendor review, Informatica selected ReadyTech’s Instructor-Led (ILT) and Self-Paced Training Solutions to power their Global University. Training Delivery Manager Dave Palmer recalls Informatica’s rationale:

It’s ReadyTech’s Level 1 stability and performance that made the solution selection easy. With ReadyTech, there was no latency like with the previous vendors where you had to wait 3-4 seconds every time you pressed a button.Dave Palmer, Global University Training Delivery Manager

Bert Peters, an Informatica Instructor at the time, also recalls comparing ReadyTech’s solution against the other training vendors. He found that:

ReadyTech scaled better. It was easier to get resources that were needed. One class might require 2 CPUs and another might require 4 CPUs, and ReadyTech has that flexibility. ReadyTech can also load images and create events for classes very quickly, and has some very elegant features for administering and managing the class like its Inactivity Monitor and Engagement Monitor.Bert Peters, Customer Success Consultant

So in 2006, Informatica and ReadyTech partnered together to deliver virtual instructor-led training (VILT) classes. And for nearly 10 years the partnership thrived, succeeding to triple Informatica’s virtual training business. When the partnership started in 2006, Informatica was delivering 4-6 classes per month. By 2014, Informatica was delivering over 20 classes per month (a 230% increase vs. 2006) and VILT was one of the biggest revenue contributors to Informatica’s Global University.

In 2014, Informatica performed another vendor evaluation, prompted by an internal initiative to learn what the market offered, how each virtual training software provider had progressed since 2006, and see if ReadyTech’s Training Delivery Solutions were still the appropriate solutions to use. After evaluating four (4) vendors, Informatica chose to stay with ReadyTech, highlighting ReadyTech’s support and technical services as a key driver:

When we started asking about support, ReadyTech’s ability to support us quickly and 24/7/365 was the differentiating factor. And ReadyTech provides multiple layers of support as well, from customer, instructor, to image processing support. And ReadyTech far outperforms its SLA with Informatica.Dave Palmer, Global University Training Delivery Manager

Since Informatica decided to continue the ReadyTech relationship, they’ve become a close partner in helping ReadyTech identify new products and features to develop, and ensure that both companies navigate the rapid changes occurring in the virtual training industry. Most recently, Informatica contributed to ReadyTech’s efforts to develop its Self-Paced Training Solution, a training product that lets companies offer standardized training curriculum in an instructor-less environment.

230% growth in Informatica’s online classes

With ReadyTech’s Instructor-Led and Self-Paced Training Solutions, Informatica continues to give its Global University Department a training advantage. With ReadyTech, Informatica’s Global University enjoys:

  • Access to Dozens of Instructor Features:

    Informatica’s instructors now use online training software designed specifically for training, including virtual training tools like the ability to remotely draw, share and monitor student desktops; track student and classroom activity; track engagement levels; and teach the classroom with full audio.

  • Resource Scalability and Flexibility:

    Informatica’s Training Delivery Team has the scalability to request as many resources as they need and the flexibility to request resources with just 1GB of RAM and 1 Core or resources with up to 96GB of RAM and 24 Cores. This unique advantage has been key to Informatica successfully growing their online training business by 230% in the last 9 years.

  • 24/7 Live Support:

    Informatica’s instructors and students have access to ReadyTech’s Live Support Team 24/7 for technical and non-technical answers and recommendations. Whether Informatica needs student support, instructor inclass support, optimizing class images, or urgent resource needs, ReadyTech’s Support Team is available.

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Data Integration and Management

Company Size

Enterprise (Formerly NASDAQ: INFA)
3,900 Employees and 5,000 Clients


Redwood City, California, USA


  • Performance and scaling issues
  • Unstable training environment with sporadic connectivity
  • Unresponsive and under-trained technical support
  • One-off technical constraints like machine rebooting
  • Need for a provider with software for both instructor-led and self-paced training scenarios


Informatica selected ReadyTech’s Instructor-Led and Self-Paced Training Solutions to enable their Global University to deliver technical training to their ecosystem of 5,000 customers. ReadyTech’s technology was meticulously evaluated twice (2006 and 2014), with both evaluations resulting in Informatica to select ReadyTech as their online training software provider of choice. With ReadyTech, Informatica gained a stable, flexible and scalable training infrastructure filled with dozens of training - specific features, and access to complimentary 24/7 Live Support for their instructors and students.


  • Increased stability, connectivity, graphics performance and student satisfaction
  • Reduced latency and removed technical constraints
  • Multi-level, 24/7 live support for instructors and students

About ReadyTech

ReadyTech is the easiest and most cost-effective way to deliver worldwide IT training. Our proprietary technology eliminates the most cumbersome, technical and administrative functions of running an IT training program. Students can connect through a browser from anywhere in the world to a high performance lab-environment suited for their needs. Our online training software gives instructors complete oversight and control of the lab environment and virtual classroom.