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ReadyTech (http://localhost:10022) introduces Axis, a cutting-edge training delivery solution that enables training organizations to leverage AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to run their virtual training labs. With these powerful cloud platforms and ReadyTech’s comprehensive suite of training applications and tools, organizations can create high-performance lab environments anywhere in the world.

The global reach and scalability of the major cloud providers are unparalleled. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud collectively operate over 70 data centers worldwide, offering the potential to deliver exceptional lab experiences. These providers are designed for running production environments, guaranteeing reliability and security that surpasses smaller providers and internal cloud solutions. For instance, all three major providers offer 99.99% monthly SLAs for their virtual machines.

Until now, leveraging the major cloud vendors for virtual training posed significant challenges. Navigating their complex consoles and APIs was cumbersome, manually starting and stopping labs proved to be a hassle, connectivity issues often arose in secure locations, and critical training features like over-the-shoulder support were absent.

ReadyTech Axis solves these obstacles by providing a training-focused interface atop the cloud providers, simplifying training delivery using the cloud platform of choice. Training personnel can easily define courses, labs, and schedules while Axis takes care of the rest. It seamlessly spins labs up and down as required, ensures firewall-friendly connectivity, and provides clear instructions for students to access their labs. Instructors can also utilize LabManager, ReadyTech’s exceptional lab management tool, to monitor, control, and demonstrate lab environments.

Bart Kruitwagen, CEO of ReadyTech, highlights Axis’s pricing transparency as a unique feature. Customers can sign up for their own AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud accounts and are billed directly by the providers. Many training departments within larger organizations can leverage their scale to negotiate substantial volume discounts on top of the major providers’ already competitive pricing. This advantage is not possible with other solutions.

Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, embraced Axis as an early adopter. Tasha Wade, Operations Manager at Esri, explains, “Our training courses require high-end GPU platforms. After assessing the market, we determined that Microsoft Azure offered the ideal platform and resource availability for our needs. Initially, we planned to build an in-house scheduling solution to manage the cloud VMs. However, when we discovered ReadyTech’s out-of-the-box Axis solution with integrated over-the-shoulder instructor tools, we realized it was a perfect fit. Axis also allows us to easily share our virtual training labs with global training partners, among other valuable features.”

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About ReadyTech: With 25 years of experience in the training industry, ReadyTech offers sophisticated yet user-friendly online training software. Our expertise has guided us in designing feature-rich solutions that meet the needs of global training organizations seeking to deliver exceptional training experiences.

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