Why Switch to Cloud with Software Training Labs?

In a world where technology is constantly changing and improving, how can you improve software training? There are many options that can help, including software training labs. In fact, many software users find that these training labs are easier to utilize when you switch to cloud learning. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this option for your business.

Better Results

Of course, hands-on learning is important if you’re looking for quick and effective results, but Cloud-based labs can actually replicate the experience that users will have when they begin to use the software. Instructors can provide better guidance because they’re able to monitor student actions. In cases where there’s a more complex task, they can even take full control and demonstrate the process. Studies have shown that practice provides the second-highest learning retention rates, making it more effective than theoretical education.

This approach also works great in conjunction with other methods, such as online courses, virtual classrooms, group activities, and more. The best results come from combining elements of all the different techniques. Remember, people learn in different ways.

Isolated, Safe, and Available

Cloud training labs are completely detached from the production environment. This means there aren’t any issues, even when a complete beginner is trying out the software. Users can experiment freely since most Cloud software training labs are available 24/7. Generally, they can even be accessed after training sessions are over. Assignments can also be sent virtually at any time, regardless of whether the user is currently on the platform or not.

Moreover, there’s no risk involved in leaking any sensitive data or damaging expensive hardware if an accident occurs. Even though it’s fully isolated, the environment provides everything users could possibly need.

Simple to Use

Cloud environments usually have preset templates for various configurations, which makes them a breeze to set up. It’s as simple as changing a few parameters to alter what would otherwise be an expensive and time-consuming modification. Compared with other methods, there’s no need to set up multiple workstations. The lab only needs to be arranged once, and everyone can use it. It’s essentially a web-based platform that doesn’t require any local installation. This makes it easy to add new features, modify the existing ones, and have full control over everything that’s happening.

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Live training costs can vary, especially if it’s a complicated software. Arranging numerous computers and getting them ready for use, as well as installing the essentials, is not only expensive but also tedious. Cloud software training labs don’t require any heavy maintenance, and they’re very easy to become familiar with. There are no additional costs in terms of location, either. Users can learn from anywhere around the world, without any trouble. Even time zones are no longer an issue since the training environment is available 24/7. Although they’re still not very common, Cloud-based training labs are slowly starting to get the recognition that they deserve.

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Software Training at its Best

Make the most of software training labs by integrating Cloud solutions. At ReadyTech, we can offer all the training solutions you need, and set them up for you, too! For more info, reach out to us today at (800) 707-1009!

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