Why ReadyTech’s SaaS Platform is the Best for Workspace?

Organizations that train users on SaaS applications have always had two options:

  1. Virtual training labs – Give students their own virtual training lab. And while this offers oversight for the instructor, it is inefficient and expensive to provide a virtual training lab for students who only need a browser.
  2. Local systems – Let students use their local system for the virtual training labs. And while cost-effective, instructors don’t have class oversight.

Now there’s a 3rd option: ReadyTech SaaS Labs. And simply put, it’s the best of both worlds.

ReadyTech SaaS Labs combines the oversight and control of virtual training labs with the cost effectiveness of having students use their own local system. It allows students to use their local system to access the SaaS application, while providing instructors with full oversight and control.

As students work in the SaaS application, instructors can see exactly what they are doing and take control via our co-browsing technology if a student needs help. So while the instructor works on a student’s system, the student can see how the issue is fixed.

ReadyTech’s SaaS Solution requires no plugins or other software installations; works with any SaaS or other web-based application without having to modify it; requires no set-up; and you can be up and running in 5 minutes.

In addition, the solution works on any HTML5-based browser. So an instructor can be using Safari on a Mac, and a student can be using Firefox on Windows.

And since it’s a ReadyTech product, you can rely on the high service-levels and 24×7 support that our customers have grown to love.

If you are training on a SaaS application or any application that runs in a browser, ReadyTech’s SaaS solution is a cost-effective and innovative way to deliver virtual instructor-led training for any organization.

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