Workshops and Conferences

Using virtual labs to demo products means you don’t need a logistics team to ship laptops to and from conferences. 


At workshops, attendees can trial your product via the laptops that you provide. But this comes at a cost: expensive equipment rentals, event logistics and depending on IT.
ReadyTech’s software allows your events team to offer hands-on labs and host live demos, while eliminating the need to transport computers, manage logistics and tackle technical problems. Using hands-on labs at workshops simplifies conference logistics, and reduces costs by eliminating the need to rent computers.

Training Benefits

What we do

ReadyTech provides a reliable and cost-effective platform for hands-on workshops at conferences, events and trade shows. Simplify conference logistics and reduce costs by eliminating computer rentals.

No need to rent and ship laptops to each event

With ReadyTech’s software, potential customers can demo your technology using their own laptops. So instead of shipping laptops, worrying about logistics, and paying freight costs, your events team can focus on producing a smooth and memorable event.

Virtual demos allow customers to explore products in a hands-on environment

Virtual demos allow customers to explore products in a hands-on environment

For customers, virtual training labs provide an environment where they can practice using a new tool or technology in a safe, but real-life environment. This valuable experience of “practice by doing” allows your customers to explore your products in a hands-on environment.

Potential customers can demo your product with instructor guidance

Potential customers can demo your product with instructor guidance

Workshops with ReadyTech enable potential customers to test drive your product under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Allowing potential customers to explore your technology in a supervised, hands-on environment allows your team to sell better, respond to questions immediately, and show customers exactly how your product adds value to their business. All of this means your demos turn into actual opportunities and customer trials.

Additional Benefits

  • Give hands-on demos for SaaS products and complex, multi-system technology environments
  • Demo features that enable your sales team to showcase your technology effectively
  • Support for PowerPoint slides, video, diagrams and PDFs
  • Based on HTML5, meaning no plug-ins or downloads required
  • ReadyTech’s solutions are compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera, allowing you to offer seamless sales demos anywhere in the world

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ReadyTech for Customer Training From providing virtual training labs, to lowering training delivery costs, and 24/7/365 Support–there are many reasons why training departments around the world partner with ReadyTech to deliver their customer training.


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