Why Online Instructor-Led Training is More Critical Now Than Ever

There are many ways to learn these days, but remote learning has gained popularity over traditional classroom settings as industries have changed and learner demographics have shifted. However, most trainees still need the presence of an instructor to aid in their learning, as fully online, automated training loses its personal touch and hinders learning outcomes. Companies who choose to take the leap and train their employees online will benefit more so from choosing a modality like ReadyTech’s. ReadyTech’s online training platforms enable you to build your courses with the instructor’s presence in mind in something known as online instructor – led training. Below are just some of the benefits of using a virtual training platform like ReadyTech’s.

Benefits of remote, instructor-led training

It is flexible.

How many of us can afford to set aside a solid block of time from our busy schedules and take a professional training course? It may be hard to get people to sign up for training if it is too demanding on their work day, and it is nearly impossible to coordinate the schedules of a dozen or so people and have them all in one room to train. Online, instructor-led training platforms like ReadyTech’s are the antidote for the working adult or for those who have other obligations during the day or week.

The instructor is still present.

Most often, people are not excited to take an online course because they are concerned about instructor access. Indeed, consistent access to the trainer is the main reason why a trainee will or will not have a positive learning experience. In the remote, instructor-led training setting, the student will learn a new skill in a more flexible setting and still benefit from having access to an instructor, often more access than what a regular classroom would allow.

It can be taken anywhere, any time.

Educational opportunities generally happen within a certain radius, not reaching possible trainees outside of a certain geographical location. Luckily, virtual training platforms allow one to teach and learn from anywhere. Whereas in-person courses are typically confined by space and time, online teaching and learning can take place in any area and is designed to fit everyone’s schedule.

It enables personalized learning.

In a traditional classroom setting, most students will stop listening to a lecture after about ten minutes. It takes tremendous concentration to sit through up to a three hour lecture every week or several hours and days of training in a row. In addition, taking copious notes in the moment while trying to continue to listen is a challenge, and some pertinent material will inevitably be lost. A better way to learn and retain information is through online coursework. In ReadyTech’s virtual classrooms, lectures can be uploaded and can be referred to at a later date if material needs to be recalled.

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It is clear that remote, instructor-led training is the new frontier of teaching and learning, as the need to keep up with the growing remote learning industry is stronger than ever. ReadyTech provides you with everything you need, and we offer a full-service setup process as well as 24/7 live support. Do you have questions? Contact us today by calling (800) 707-1009.

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