What eLearning Coaching Skills are Essential Nowadays?

These days, managers and people in high business positions are being encouraged to attune their coaching skills. Having adequate knowledge of coaching can help a leader to better support their team, employees, or organization. Luckily, coaching skills are not hard to access. In fact, they can be learned online through various eLearning platforms. No matter which platform you choose, make sure that these skills are up to date.

Active Listening

Being a good leader requires good listening skills. When you can hear your teammates and understand their needs, you’re better able to address them. Your team will trust you more if they know that you care. One way to show that you care is through active listening. Active listening means that you listen and, at the same time, show that you understand. Make sure that you look at whoever is speaking and give them your full attention. Maintain eye contact as long as that’s comfortable. Nod your head to show that you’re paying attention and consider mirroring body language. This is an unconscious cue to the speaker that you’re engaged in the conversation.


Distractions are everywhere. From phones to tablets to computers to smart watches. In this modern world, a little focus goes a long way. Show your team that you care by offering your full attention. Focus applies to one-on-one interactions, as well as long-term goals. When you’re speaking to a team member or employee, focus on them. Eliminate distractions and make sure they know they have your full attention.

This is also relevant when you’re working toward a goal, or setting future goals. Show your team or your employees that your shared success matters to you. With a little focus, your team or employees will trust you more, and that’s at the core of every collaborative effort.

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It’s easy to be impatient. In our modern world, many things are instantaneous. There’s instant connectivity, instant search results, instant gratification everywhere you look. Because of this, it can be hard to slow down. Because of this, those who do remember to be patient will stand out to others. When an employee or team member has a concern, take the time to really listen. Don’t rush others. Additionally, remember that everyone develops at their own pace. Be patient with people and their rate of growth. Trust that they are on a path and that they will learn in their own time if given the right support.


This is a tricky one, and it comes with practice. But it’s one of the most important skills for a coach. Synthesis is taking in lots of information and providing a big-picture assessment. As a leader in your organization, your employees and teammates look to you to provide perspective and insight. Take the time to process information so that you can provide the most accurate synthesis of it. A long-range view can benefit you in helping your team.

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The eLearning Model

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