What Are Virtual IT Training Labs

Virtual IT training labs have transformed software training, especially when companies need safe, scalable, hands-on virtual training more than ever. There is simply no alternative for practical, hands-on training in learning new software and IT skills. Virtual IT training lab environments are a much-needed antidote to the many problems with on-site software training.

Enterprises have begun to rely more and more on learning management systems (LMSs) for their customer, employee, and partner training need. However, the conventional LMS may sometimes still be ineffective, particularly in more technical exercises or complex software training.

While many traditional LMSs may include simple guided tours through a series of texts and videos, a game-changer has surfaced in recent years: the virtual training lab.

A virtual training lab is just what the name implies: it’s a virtual environment for learners to have hands-on experience with the same software they will use on the job. These labs perform similarly to an in-person training lab, complete with IT support and a trainer on hand, but are entirely virtual

With virtual training labs, enterprises can reach more learners because it’s available over the internet. It also gives trainers virtual training tools to create similar, if not better, learning experiences than in-person training.

With more than two-thirds (68%) of Millennials considering interactive, hands-on educational elements appealing, virtual training labs make sense. [1]

Virtual training labs let learners have hands-on practice in a real-life situation while also connecting with the instructor. These virtual training labs are essential in creating realistic, hands-on exercises that give learners the training they need to be happy in a real-world setting.

Historically learning by doing has been proven to create much higher knowledge retention than just listening and watching. As a result, students need to experience practical hands-on exercises to prepare them for real-life scenarios they encounter when they’re back at work. This is where virtual training labs come in. These replicate realistic situations and provide specific practice to help students get the real-life competencies they need to succeed in their jobs.

Virtual training labs are regularly combined with virtual classroom features, such as whiteboards and breakout groups. These help instructors create an interactive and appropriate learning experience for students.

In addition, instructors can share their desktops with students and demo how to use software, and allow students to practice using virtual training labs. This hands-on practice goes a long way in terms of helping learners feel comfortable using new software.

With a lab overview allowing instructors to walk through the classroom virtually, students can be monitored in their labs, and instructors can monitor when a student requires individual assistance. This feature gives instructors the ability to virtually walk around the room, see which students are struggling, and then step in to help.

Set Up Virtual IT Labs

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