What are the Best Virtual Training Platforms?

Virtual training software is an essential tool for many businesses, and the onset of global social distancing efforts has only accelerated its widespread acceptance.

Since there are so many virtual training software programs out there, it can be challenging to choose one. It will need to fit your business training needs, be reasonably priced, and give you the tools you need.

There are several distinct types of online learning platforms. All feature the same concept of making it easier to train and teach. They include:

Virtual Training Platforms Features

  • LMS (learning management system)
  • CMS (content management system)
  • CSCLS (computer-supported collaborative learning system)
  • KM (knowledge management)

The following considerations need to be taken into account – are you using the platform for:

Academic or Corporate

Both types of platforms will allow you to automate a lot of different training processes. You will also be able to provide access to learning materials online, so employees will be able to access those when needed.

That being said, there are some significant differences between the two. Organizational structures, scheduling units, and tracking and assessment systems will be laid out and act differently depending on the platform. Make sure you have a hold of the right one for your business.

Industry Specific and Use Cases

There will probably be many instances where you need the online learning business platform you choose to be very industry-specific. With that, you will need some use cases in place as well.

An excellent example of this is the health industry. If your business is tied to healthcare, you want a learning platform integrated with a hospital management system, HIPAA, and ACCME web services.

While this is just an example, you see how this can be a significant factor in the final decision.

Use cases are another aspect to consider. Will the online learning business platform be able to handle everything you need? For example, is employee onboarding or peer-to-peer management training vital?

Features and Tools

Make sure the platform you choose has the specific tools and functionality you need. Perhaps create a list of things that are a “must-have” for your business and setup.

How you plan on using your learning platform will ultimately determine which type of solution you’ll navigate towards and how much you’ll have to spend. PC Mag, for instance, rates Docebo highly as it is a great choice both for enterprises and SMB’s. See their article at The Best Online Course Platforms for Business for further info.

Regardless of the kind of online learning platform you use, you’ll be able to upload multimedia content and develop quizzes based on the information in your files and your network. If you can match up everything you need to a specific platform, then you are good to go.

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