Virtual Training Labs: Increasing the Value of Virtual Training

Today’s top performing companies not only recognize the importance of their employees, but also the critical need to provide the right skills at the right time for the right people. And embracing the best training methods successfully enables employees.

When organizations search for these training methods, virtual training labs cannot be overlooked. These cloud-based, virtual training environments help organizations deliver better hands-on training—while also offering significant cost savings, convenience and instructor/student productivity. To see how much online training can lower your training delivery costs, use the in person training vs. online training calculator.

Virtual Training with Virtual Training Labs: A Recipe for Cost Savings

Today’s organization’s report that virtual learning is the second most valuable training method they use. Additionally, virtual training reduces training expenses by up to 50%.

When using virtual training labs, organizations only pay for the resources they actually use—unlike local labs where organizations are responsible for the storage, maintenance and administration of labs, regardless of how often they are used. And because virtual training labs are web-based, software and plugins are not required—removing the need for an IT staff to set up, support, takedown and maintain the labs.

Another cost reduction comes in the form of travel. With instructors providing training to employees around the globe from their desks, companies dramatically reduce expenses for airfare, lodging, food and equipment/site rental.

Convenience and Productivity

Because it is common for employees to be distributed geographically, students and instructors must travel long distances for training. This causes a decline in productivity when individuals are away from work, plus the “wear and tear” caused on employees from having to be on the road.

However, virtual training labs provide convenience and flexibility because students can attend scheduled, instructor-led courses from their home or office—or take self-paced training courses from anywhere and anytime. There is no inconvenience from travel, such as missing work or family obligations.

Moving from traditional labs to virtual training labs is a smart choice for organizations that want to develop a skilled workforce, while reducing costs and improving convenience and productivity.

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