Documentum’s Worldwide Education Services builds global training program on ReadyTech

Delivering training across 50 countries and 2,500 companies

EMC Documentum’s customer and partner training

Documentum, a division of EMC Corporation, is the leading provider of enterprise content management solutions serving more than 2,500 of the world’s largest companies across 50 different countries. With a single platform, Documentum enables users to collaboratively create, manage, deliver, and archive business content including documents, discussions, e-mail, web pages, records and rich media. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction has been a key factor to its ongoing success and providing product education is a driving force making that happen.

Documentum’s Worldwide Education Services develops and delivers comprehensive training to customers and partners using a variety of virtual instructor-led and self-paced training methods. Their charter is to provide the proven software training and expertise to accelerate software proficiency, increase productivity, and allow customers to fully leverage their software investment.

Documentum knows all too well that nothing is more critical in the area of technical training than hands-on experience with the real software. But for on-site training, this practice is often plagued with challenges.

Inefficient setup, logistics and tear down of virtual training labs

Because Documentum’s classes are very technical in nature, utilizing the step-by-step, hands-on practice with the real software has become their training standard. However, the company is dealing with an extremely high volume of students and training courses worldwide, making the hands-on training approach incredibly cumbersome to manage, exposing numerous disadvantages related to cost, time consumption, and risk of losing or damaging costly equipment. For the Documentum education team, the challenges were adding up:

  • They were responsible for installing, configuring, customizing, and ultimately delivering the virtual training software to every on-site classroom whether it was a designated training center or a customer location.
  • There was always the question of if the setup was done right and if the hardware had enough performance to run a smooth training.
  • They had to dedicate valuable resources to configure and ship systems or provide IT support to the customer handling the installation.
  • They needed to send instructors to the customer site early for class setup.
  • Instructors often showed up to training courses with software installed incorrectly.
  • Before each class, the virtual training lab had to be restored to a pristine state or reinstalled.
  • They had to ensure hardware was constantly upgraded to support new releases of the software.

The system was not efficient. What Documentum needed was to take a step back, look at the complete training program and automate the most complex and time consuming tasks. What they discovered was virtual training software from ReadyTech.

Automated delivery, configuration and tear down

Documentum chose ReadyTech’s Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Solution. ReadyTech ILT automates the entire hands-on training process: delivery, configuration, and tear down of the virtual training labs. So with just a browser and an Internet connection, Documentum’s students gain access to the virtual training labs where they can start learning the skills they need from anywhere in the world at anytime. On first evaluation, ReadyTech ILT met all of Documentum’s requirements – scalability, reliability, ease of use and performance. The ReadyTech approach includes:

  • Hosted Training Environment:

    Software instructors can provide students with a complete, fully-functional software environment, without worrying about the complicated hardware and software setup. No more shipping of preconfigured laptops, dealing with technical breakdowns, and canceling classes.

  • High Performance Accessibility:

    Remote Systems allowed students to access virtual training labs online from anywhere in the world, during class but also after class to finish the lab exercises if needed. The performance is as good as or better than physical classroom labs.

  • Functionality and Scalability:

    When needed, students can access their virtual training labs and the instructor can shadow. Each remote session is running on a physical server and is rebootable and restorable at anytime without affecting other students. The scalability is unlimited whether you have five students or hundreds of students that need to be trained simultaneously. With the volume of Documentum courses, this was a huge benefit.

  • Services and Support:

    ReadyTech provides 24/7 Live Support that responds quickly to support requests, ensuring that the virtual training environment is ready to go whenever required.

Operational and training benefits for all stakeholders

Since July 2005, Documentum has been using ReadyTech ILT to deliver virtual instructor-led training (VILT) to more than 8,000 students worldwide, experiencing dramatic results that not only benefit the company and its customers, but training instructors and students around the world. With ReadyTech ILT, the benefits have added up:

  • Documentum stays focused on its core business.
  • Software instructors can focus on what they do best – train.
  • Internal resources are freed for other purposes.
  • Software proficiency goes up; operating expenses are reduced and controlled.
  • Operations can be planned and scaled with greater flexibility.
  • Investment in IT assets is lowered and risk is reduced.
  • Students learn faster and customers gain value from Documentum sooner.
  • Reduces the time, effort and expense it takes to operate a training program.

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Content Management

Company Size

Acquired by EMC for $1.7 Billion


Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA


  • Extremely technical classes requiring hands-on practice with actual Documentum software
  • High volume of global students
  • Locations were scattered around the world in designated training centers and customer locations
  • Training was performed on a jungle of hardware with varying levels of performance and setups


EMC Documentum selected ReadyTech’s ILT Solution to enable their Worldwide Education Services Department to deliver technical training to over 8,000 international students on a fragmented hardware ecosystem. The partnership with ReadyTech included the setup, configuration, optimization and delivery of Documentum’s online classes - ensuring smooth training experiences for both students and instructors. In addition, ReadyTech’s ILT Solutions comes with complimentary 24/7 Live Support for non-technical and technical issues.


  • Global training delivery across 50 countries and 8,000 users
  • Allowed Documentum resources to focus on core business
  • Faster customer onboarding and product usage timeline
  • 24/7 Live Support

About ReadyTech

ReadyTech is the easiest and most cost-effective way to deliver worldwide IT training. Our proprietary technology eliminates the most cumbersome, technical and administrative functions of running an IT training program. Students can connect through a browser from anywhere in the world to a high performance lab-environment suited for their needs. Our online training software gives instructors complete oversight and control of the lab environment and virtual classroom.