Remote Student Success: Best Practices

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses and companies shuttered their physical doors and moved their workforce online, and schools followed suit. As a country, we had to adapt to this new format of working and learning quickly, and it seems some working and learning methods are here to stay. Although some schools now meet in person once again, many found that online coursework was a preferred method, especially for busy adults returning to school. Companies are now opting to offer online training opportunities for their employees who have become accustomed to online work instead of returning to traditional in-person training. Many still wonder about how to support remote student success, however.

Learning through online training software indeed has its challenges. Adult online learners face some obstacles due to competing demands for work, home, spouse and children, so it is essential to attract and help these students as much as possible. Online learning is a fantastic way to expand knowledge and skills in a unique and flexible environment. Whether it is their first time using online tutorials or if you’re looking for ways to reinforce their current habits and attitudes, there are several key areas to consider to set employees up for success and take advantage of all online learning has to offer.

Best Practices for Remote Student Success

Here are some tips, strategies, and best practices to help you successfully transition to online training for your employees and support remote student success.

  •       Trainers can boost more active participation in the course by encouraging communication through group discussion boards and chat, using web conferencing tools, and/or leveraging social networking sites. 
  •       Trainers can use remote training software to demonstrate how they facilitate discussion and group work in the online classroom by sharing online screen captures or screen-casting. 
  •       Time management, organization, and motivation will lead students far in their online learning experience. Set the expectation early and encourage them to develop a plan to stay organized and on task during their training period. You might even want to provide them with a planner or calendar.
  •       The initial challenge is to motivate the trainees to complete their assignments. Provide incentives, gamification, or competition to encourage students to do well.
  •       Students need opportunities not only to listen or read but also to process the information presented actively. Please provide them with ample time each week to dedicate to training, and give them tips to curate a peaceful environment without distractions.
  •       Trainers should focus on consolidating what the students already know to not forget about it. It is crucial to ensure all training is provided on a spectrum, so more advanced students do not become immediately bored or disengaged.
  •       It also helps ensure that trainees have a clear plan for when and where they will do school work. This gives students time to study, understand, and apply information. Employees should also be encouraged to take breaks from online work to help them recharge and take a break from the screen.
  •       Teamwork is vital to trainees’ relationships and collaboration skills. Consider dividing students/trainees into groups of 3 or 4 for projects or study groups, or to use your distance learning platform to view and comment on each other’s work.
  •       If the instructor is online for direct contact at a specific time, encourage trainees to take advantage of that time for immediate feedback and responses. 
  •       If two trainees are taking the same course at the same time and live in the same time zone, encourage them to buddy up so they can study and discuss coursework together.
  •       Institutional factors such as technical support, advice, and resource availability can contribute to student success in online courses.
  •       Many students withdraw from online courses because they are overwhelmed and sometimes frustrated by the amount of work and how it is presented. Ensure the work is paced correctly and not too rigorous; be flexible with them so they can get it done correctly.
  •       Clearly describe your expectations and the required characteristics of a successful online learner so that your prospective trainees know what is expected of them. 
  •       The essential thing is the student’s ability to develop time management strategies. Please encourage students to make a plan each week for when they will train. This might include a block of time every Monday. Encourage them to block out their calendars during this time and not accept any meetings. Ensure you and other employees are respecting that time.
  •       Ask trainees to share their tips for successful time management. This can also open up a conversation about experiences and challenges with online training in order to have it improved.
  •       A sense of anonymity of the online environment and a sense of disconnection can make it easy for trainees to exit, minimally participate, or completely disappear from the course. Ensure your online training makes students present and accountable. Encourage avatars, bios, and active peer engagement where probable.
  •       Online learning directions and suggestions on succeeding in the virtual classroom can help students better prepare for online courses. Give them tips early and go over them as a group. Also, provide training for them to learn the platform before beginning the course.
  •       Educate students on the benefits of online training (see below). This is perhaps the most crucial element to set the stage early for participation, engagement, and satisfaction with online training.

How Does Remote Training Software Help Remote Student Success?

When posing the opportunity to your employees that they will be able to train online, many might have questions or even be skeptical about its efficiency. This is a common and understandable concern, and your company needs to lead the discussion with the benefits of online vs. in-person training. ReadyTech has complied with this list below to help your employees understand how online training will benefit them personally and professionally.

Online Training Provides Flexibility

The software is ideal for remote workers who travel extensively and don’t have time to schedule regular courses with their team.

Online Training Aids in Resource Collaboration

Messaging, file sharing, and training exercises are all part of the online training experience.

Online Training Supports Learning Collaboration

Employees can create lessons or exercises within the software itself and send them out across the platform. 

Online Training Assists in Team Collaboration

Remote training platforms also allow employees to create groups that can provide different access or messaging channels anywhere in the world.

Online Training Promotes Autonomy

The virtual platform allows employees to work at their own pace without feeling limited to set schedules or locations. 

Online Training Fosters Positive Engagement

Remote trainees tend to be more engaged and committed to their work than their office counterparts, and they tend to look forward to the next time they get to interact with their team through work rather than dreading another meeting. The virtual platform helps users create strong relationships, build camaraderie, and grow from one another.

Online Training Fosters Increased, Quality Communication

Learning together helps with communication across departments. Teams working together in a virtual classroom learn to work together and mitigate problems by sharing information faster and more effectively.

Online Training Eliminates Geographic Limits

Online learning keeps the team together no matter how far they are from each other geographically. With so many amenities at hand, it makes working remotely more productive than ever before. 

Online Training Increases Employee Satisfaction

Training remotely gives people the freedom to work in an environment that meshes best with their daily needs. 

We Can Help

 You by now have a wealth of information about how best to prepare your team for online employee training and promote remote student success. We hope these tips are valuable to you as you consider this opportunity.

Some of the most innovative companies today are already making use of virtual, instructor-led training. Remote corporate courses work for large multinational corporations as well as small local businesses. Remote online courses help employees at any level excel in their field and stay ahead of the competition. Remote, instructor-led training courses are a valuable resource for almost any business or organization looking to ensure its employees have the resources they need to succeed.

As a reminder, the best online training software helps your team build and hone communication skills and remain connected. It also creates a happier workforce because employees can stay at home and work when they’re not feeling well enough to go into the office. This would eliminate the need to take any personal or sick days and ensure that your essential work does not slow down. 

Additionally, remote training teaches people skills that can be used regardless of their company’s workforce. And finally, training employees with online training software offers a totally remote experience. This element is crucial for your company to play in the 21st century, attracting new talent and satisfying them. If your business needs help hiring top talent or creating a more efficient learning environment for staff members, consider utilizing remote training software or platforms today. 

ReadyTech provides companies and employees with a hosted training solution that offers hands-on, virtual training software to aid employees in practicing job skills. Companies that invest in employee training benefit from reduced attrition rates and hiring costs, better productivity, more knowledgeable employees, and a competitive hiring environment. 

ReadyTech provides you with all the software you need for your virtual classroom, and we offer a full-service setup process and 24/7 live support. Contact us today.


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