Onsite Customer Training

Outsource your lab environment to ReadyTech. Never worry about logistics, buying hardware, and dealing with unreliable equipment again.


As an instructor, you travel regularly to a customer’s site to deliver training. You have two options to power your training labs: bring your own laptops or rely on customer’s local classroom computers. Both options have their own set of issues.

If you’re bringing your own laptops, that means dealing with shipping logistics, international customs, re-imaging laptops between classes, and missing equipment. And if you rely on a customer’s local computers, you could arrive at a class with underpowered machines, with the wrong OS’s, and you would still need to install your class software on the computers. In today’s world, neither option makes sense when virtual training labs are available.

What we do

ReadyTech is a full-service and automated lab provider for onsite training. Just show up at a customer’s training facility, ask students to open an Internet browser, and have them login to the virtual classroom. ReadyTech’s virtual training solutions automates the set-up, delivery and tear down of IT training labs—eliminating cumbersome technical and administrative functions.

No reliance on IT and no logistics

With ReadyTech’s virtual training labs, your lab is hosted in the cloud so you don’t need to pre-install software, ship laptops, provision hardware, manage missing files or troubleshoot technical breakdowns. Students can access a fully functional training environment with just a browser and an internet connection.

Training managers are able to reduce expensive classroom hardware investment. Instructors need only show up—ready to teach—without having to worry if the labs will work or if the customer’s IT department will be available to set-up the virtual training labs.

On-demand lab environments

All of your training environments are prepared beforehand, so just order how many labs you need 24-hours ahead—and they will be available the next day. Simple, fast and efficient.

Lower training delivery costs

Virtual training labs eliminate the need to purchase equipment, then perform continuous upgrades on that equipment. As long as your students’ computers have Internet access and a browser, your students can connect to your virtual training labs.

And with ReadyTech’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, your training department only pays for virtual training labs you actually reserve. There are no fixed fees or setup fees.

By removing these expenses, organizations can provide effective employee training while also saving money. To compare in person training vs. online training costs, click the link for a savings calculator.

24/7 support for you and all of your students

ReadyTech’s virtual training labs are backed by a dedicated IT and support team that work around the clock to ensure you can focus on your most important task: providing engaging and effective training. So in the event that you or your students encounter an issue before or during a class, call our 24/7 Support Team to get immediate assistance.