How ReadyTech Axis Prepares Your Team

In today’s learning landscape, there are many e-learning programs for employee training purposes. These programs offer opportunities for employees to improve their skills and increase productivity and corporate culture for employers. Virtual training can also reduce employee turnover. A 2020 work institute study shows how important this is to a company’s bottom line. Voluntary employee turnover costs US businesses more than $630 billion a year, according to the report. Many companies are looking to create online employee training to ensure that their employees have the skills to do their jobs the right way. One initiative that can help bring employees together, keep them busy, and prepare them for new employment is implementing and using an online learning program. ReadyTech Axis is one such way that will help your employees get up to speed in online training. Read on to learn how this unique online training software and virtual training labs will benefit your team and business.

ReadyTech Axis: Instructor-Led and Self-Paced

People are often not excited to take an online course because they are concerned about instructor access. Indeed, consistent access to the trainer is the main reason a trainee will or will not have a positive learning experience. In the remote, instructor-led training setting of Axis, the student will learn a new skill in a more flexible environment and still benefit from having access to an instructor, often more access than what a regular classroom would allow.

To give an example of self-paced options in virtual training, consider this scenario. Employees must complete an online health and safety training course for the next three weeks, after which they will undergo an online assessment. Self-paced training allows employees to be in control of their online learning experience. They don’t need to keep up with their peers and can access online study materials whenever their schedule allows. This prevents them from waiting for their peers to catch up if they are quick learners and become bored if they are ready to move on.

ReadyTech Axis: Virtual Labs

Virtual labs provide online training activities that can ensure you provide practical and reliable training to your employees. Activities incorporate multiple content formats into your training, such as text, images, and videos: webinars, screencasts, and recordings.

Another benefit of creating a virtual IT lab environment is developing high-end realistic scenarios to practice skills and techniques they encounter in real-world situations. This would not be available in face-to-face classrooms usually or would be difficult or expensive to duplicate. In addition, online training through Axis is inherently ADA compliant. You can add pre-installed software or features to keep students from being hindered by any physical limitations.

We Can Help

Unless you train your employees, you miss a huge opportunity to get the results you desire. Online training gives employees access to imperative information in a more convenient and cost-effective format, and they feel rewarded with the sense of satisfaction that employees in companies have.

Are you interested in online training? ReadyTech can help you – whether you’re planning to completely rethink your employee training or add a few eLearning add-ons to your eLearning courses. We can help you create a fully customized training program for you – with the expertise and tools you need. Call us today or use our contact form!

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