The future of IT labs is here!

Nothing is better than learning by doing.

Virtual IT labs are essential for IT education and training, as well as for IT professionals who want to test and validate new technologies. Whether you need cloud-based labs, hardware labs, or require custom equipment for your training, we can work with you to create your ideal lab environment.

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Multiple IT lab hosting options to fit any scale and budget

Nothing is better than learning by doing.

At ReadyTech we understand that virtual IT lab requirements vary depending on technology, use case, cost, and other unique variables. Whether you want to connect using a third party cloud provider, host on our cloud, require access to bare metal servers or require access to custom equipment, we’ve got you covered.


Let us show you how easy connecting to your cloud can be.

Axis provides and easy-to-use training focused interface to manage course templates, lab plans and class schedules while saving on cost by starting, pausing and terminating virtual training labs according to your schedule.

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Don’t want to use AWS, Azure or GCP, no problem.

Host your labs in ReadyTech’s data centers.

ReadyTech’s data centers offer a number of lab hosting options to meet your specific requirements and budget. Whether you are looking for a cloud-based solution, or hardware environment or need a complete custom IT lab environment, we have a solution for you.

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