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Complete classroom oversight & control

Individual student video monitoring to track students progress. Full student system access to provide immediate assistance.

Curriculum materials management

Never lose any materials again. Keep all you documents, decks, labs & videos in one place. Control what can be accessed or copied with a click of a button.

Presentation timeline

Keep class on track at all times. Classroom environments very and keeping them on course can be difficult, with presentations timeline you keep things on pace and identify where time should be added or removed so things run more smoothly.

Classroom analytics

Make your training the best is can be with real insight. See the activity and engagements metrics to drive results. Having the ability to look at how effective each segment of your training

Multiple audio modes

Communication has never been better. We offer a wide range of audio modes to make the class more engaging. What to kick things off with a round robbin turn the floor over to each student at a time. How about breakout groups, simply select the group of students and show with only them. Need to have a one-on-one? We have you covered there as well.

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