8 Myths About Virtual Instructor-Led Training You Thought Were True

What you’ll get from this eBook: 

  • Learn about the 9 features commonly found in virtual training software that make VILT as interactive—if not more interactive—than in-person classroom training
  • Did you think virtual training only comprised of a “talking head” and PowerPoint slides? If so, discover VILT’s response to that myth: virtual training labs, a virtual replica of training environments that make hands-on exercises possible on the cloud
  • Discover what researchers and institutions like the U.S. Department of Education found out when they compared the performance of online vs. face-to-face students
  • The 4 steps it takes to move from in-person training delivery to VILT
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Virtual Training Labs

Instructor-Led Portal

Empower your instructors with the training solutions, technologies, and 24/7 live support they need to do their jobs successfully.

Virtual Training Labs

Self-Paced Portal

Our end-to-end self-paced solution handles everything form registration and payment, to hands-on labs, to course materials.

Virtual Training Labs

ReadyTech Hosted Labs

Host labs with your cloud provider, AWS, Azure or GCP managed by Axis, or host labs in ReadyTech’s data centers.

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