How to Spot a Bad Online Training Software

Using online training software is an excellent way to onboard new employees, and introduce them to the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed on the job. Virtual training has become more common than ever with the rise of remote-based employment. But not all virtual training platforms are created equally. You might begin to use a particular software to train your employees, only to later realize that it doesn’t get the job done. In this case, it will likely reflect on their performance and the quality of their work.

Of course, you can continue to provide ongoing training, but it’s best to figure out what the issue really is. So, how do you spot a poorly designed training environment? Here are some telltale signs that your online training software isn’t the right fit for your company.

It’s Clunky and Prone to Glitches

Setting aside concerns about content, the software itself needs to function smoothly during training sessions. If your employees can’t easily use the platform, it’s best to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Layout issues, glitches, and other software problems are major signs that a platform is not up to scratch. For tech issues, you can seek assistance from your platform provider’s tech team. But, overall, companies should thoroughly test new software (before using it for training purposes) in order to assess its effectiveness.

Content is Not Digestible

It’s important for the training environment to break down the content into manageable pieces. Forcing employees to sit through long lessons could result in a lower retention of information, and increase boredom. In general, keep lessons under twenty minutes in length. This will help employees to remain more deeply engaged, and to learn more rapidly.

The Training is Not Relevant

This is typically common in companies that have more than one department. When a virtual training platform lumps all the departments into one pool of lessons, it doesn’t save time. It actually does the opposite. Employees from a certain department shouldn’t waste time learning other SOPs that are meant for other departments. Companies need to take the time to develop a separate training for each department. If your software can’t do this, it’s not worth keeping.

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Insufficient Communication Platforms

Some training software has limited communication platforms. Trainees can interact in an online forum where they’re able to ask questions, but this might not be as helpful as chat features that allow for ongoing interactions in real time.

Communication is one of the biggest challenges to virtual training. If your platform can’t maximize connection between your trainers and trainees, it’s time to consider looking for new software.

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Online Training Software

If you’re investing in online training software, you surely want to make the most of it. If your current software doesn’t live up to your expectations, or has subpar features, it’s time to look for a replacement. ReadyTech offers superior online training delivery solutions—whatever your requirements. For more information, call us today.

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