Estimación del ahorro en formación tradicional vs. online

Costes adicionales de formación presencial

This calculator estimates your cost savings by switching to online training. However, in-person training has additional, hidden costs like:

1. Technical and housekeeping maintenance of your in-person training facility;

2. Costs associated with renting/owning the training facility’s real estate;

3. Lost productivity of high-value employees who need to travel for training (this calculator assumes a $50,000 annual salary);

4. Wear and tear on your traveling employees, which can result in higher turnover; and

5. Lost revenue from not being able to add last-minute class sign-ups (in-person classes cannot add students last-minute but online classes can).

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ReadyTech provides the “In Person vs. Online Training Savings Calculator” (hereby referred to as the “Calculator”) as a free service to help customers analyze potential cost savings when purchasing virtual training software. By using the calculator, you agree to this Disclaimer. This Calculator is only intended for use in the United States and Europe. The Calculator only provides estimates. Such estimates are not a guarantee of savings and a number of other factors may affect your actual savings, and your actual savings may differ. ReadyTech provides the Calculator “As Is” and with all the faults, and hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions. In no event shall ReadyTech be liable for any damages arising out of or in any way related to the use of or inability to use the Calculator. You hereby release ReadyTech from any and all liability arising from or related to the Calculator, its use and/or its estimates.

El cambio a la solución de formación en línea de ReadyTech puede suponer:


Ahorro por clase


Reducción de costes

Un positivo (+) significa que ahorrará dinero al pasar de la formación tradicional y presencial de
a la formación en línea.

Las estimaciones de ahorro se basan en la información proporcionada por :

Costes de formación tradicionales
Costes de los instructores
Pérdida de productividad
Billete de avión
Alquiler de coches
Por día

Subtotal del instructor

Costes de los estudiantes
Billete de avión
Por día

Subtotal de estudiantes
Total general:
Formación en línea con ReadyTech
Costes de los instructores y estudiantes
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Aula virtual
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