Estudios de caso

Learn how ReadyTech helped Shoptech transition from face-to-face training to virtual training software, leading to 93% usage of virtual classrooms and significant cost savings after shutting down 2 of their training centers.
Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls partners with ReadyTech to reduce training delivery costs by 83%. This training initiative includes highly customized, virtual training labs that also increased their student pool through VILT software.
For several years, Epicor used WebEx for live web-based training. They soon realized that a meeting tool was inefficient and created an inadequate learning experience for students, so they switched to ReadyTech. Find out why in this case study.
Silver Peak
Find out how ReadyTech reinvented Silver Peak’s self-paced classes with a new voucher system, resulting in an 80 to 90% increase in the number of students redeeming vouchers and a better self-paced learning experience for students.
With ReadyTech’s virtual training software, Esri was able to meet virtual instructor-led training (VILT) demand across the globe with added efficiency, flexibility, lower costs and ReadyTech’s scalability.
Baker Hughes
Learn why Baker Hughes selected ReadyTech for their global VILT training initiative. This training initiative enabled Baker Hughes to roll-out training to more than 2,000 virtual training software users across 7 countries.
Epicor selected ReadyTech for its robust 24/7/365 Support Program and its data centers strategically located around the world. Along the way, Epicor also discovered that ReadyTech’s VILT software can also be used for sales demos and trade shows.
EMC Documentum
Learn why EMC Documentum decided to partner with ReadyTech to deliver virtual training labs to more than 8,000 international virtual instructor-led training (VILT) students across 50 countries and 2,500 companies.
After performing a thorough, multi-vendor review, Informatica selected ReadyTech to power their Global University. It was ReadyTech’s Level 1 stability and performance that made the selection easy, according to Informatica’s Training Delivery Manager.
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