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Cloud Share Training Labs: Accessible and Affordable Solutions for Trainers

Today’s dynamic environment poses unique challenges for organizations that rely on trainers to develop workers and prepare employees with the skills they need to succeed. The skills gap has grown so wide that many companies are struggling to find skilled workers even as they simultaneously struggle to fill vacancies with qualified applicants. This perfect storm of circumstances is forcing businesses to look for new ways to train their employees, which is why cloud share training labs have become one of the most affordable and accessible solutions available today. If you work as a trainer or in another HR capacity in an organization, it’s important that you understand the impact of these changes on your role and how you can help your company respond optimally. So let’s take a look at some of the trends we see emerging, along with a few recommendations on how you can leverage them for positive change within your organization.

Change is the only constant

Organizations that are struggling to respond to their employees’ needs with respect to skills training often overlook the fact that the needs of their workers are constantly changing. The employee base of any given company changes as one group retires and is replaced with a younger group of workers. Similarly, the skills that a company needs from its workers also change as the industry and business climate shift. For example, a software development organization might employ a number of COBOL programmers during a specific software rollout phase. Then, when that project ends, those workers may be deemed unnecessary, while at the same time there may be a growing need for JavaScript coders. The needs of any given business often change so frequently and drastically that it can be difficult to keep up. With these challenges in mind, it’s important for businesses to respond nimbly as needs change by providing employees with ways to update their skills and professional development options that allow for maximum flexibility.

Employees want access to skills training on their own terms

When workers are under pressure to do more with less and find themselves unable to receive the training they need, they often turn to outside sources for assistance. This can lead employees to pay for skills training on their own dime rather than request assistance from their employers. In fact, research shows that employees who seek out their own training can be more effective than those who do not.

It’s therefore vital that employers look for ways to meet their workers’ skill needs at the organizational level. This can involve providing workers with company-sponsored online training resources or facilitating access to skills training offered by third-party providers. Organizations can also consider offering flexible working arrangements that make it easier for employees to pursue outside skill-building opportunities. Giving workers access to training on their own terms helps employees feel empowered and increases their confidence in their ability to succeed. This can result in a more engaged workforce that is better equipped to meet the needs of the business.

Employees want more flexibility and value when it comes to training

Another trend we’re seeing as the skills gap continues to grow is a shift in workers’ attitudes toward training. Whereas in the past employees might have been happy to take whatever training their employers offered and be grateful for it, today’s workers are more discerning. They want to know that their training time is valuable and will help them advance in their careers. They also want training that is relevant to the needs of the business and their specific roles. When organizations fail to meet these needs, employees may leave in search of better opportunities that provide the training they desire. This can lead to a revolving door of workers who are constantly coming and going, which is not sustainable for any business.

To combat this, employers can provide workers with training options that offer more flexibility. For example, organizations can consider providing online courses or online training content as an alternative to traditional classroom settings. They can also look for opportunities to partner with third parties that provide more in-depth, specialized training that would be too time-consuming or expensive for companies to provide on their own. Providing workers with training that meets their needs and has greater value can help them feel confident in their abilities and more likely to stay with the company.

Companies are struggling to find skilled workers

When it comes to finding skilled workers, employers face unique challenges that can put them at a disadvantage. One of the primary issues businesses face is the time it takes to hire employees and get them up to speed. This process can be especially challenging when employers are unable to find workers with the skills they need to fill key roles. In some areas, it can take months to hire employees with the right skills, since there is a shortage of candidates with the right qualifications. This can be especially problematic when organizations are in a hurry to fill key roles.

This is why a growing number of companies are looking to cloud share training labs to help them find skilled workers quickly. Rather than wait for qualified applicants to apply or struggle to find the right candidates, employers can offer cloud share training to anybody who is interested in the position. This can be a valuable tool for companies that need quick hiring results without any concern about the qualifications of their trainees.

Cloud share training labs are an affordable training option

When companies are looking to provide more training to their employees, they often run into financial roadblocks. Providing more training to employees is an excellent way to help them succeed, but the costs associated with it can be significant. At the same time, budgets are tighter than ever. It’s difficult to justify expenditures when they are not generating a significant return.

Cloud share training labs provide companies with an affordable way to provide additional training that can help workers succeed. By allowing companies to provide more training without incurring significant costs, cloud share training labs can help organizations save money while helping their employees grow. The most important thing for employers to remember when considering cloud share training labs is that these platforms are not a substitute for traditional skills training. Instead, they are an excellent way to provide additional training or skill-building opportunities to employees who may not have time or access to the resources needed for in-person training. Cloud share training labs can be an affordable and accessible option that helps meet the needs of both employees and employers.


One thing is clear when looking at the issues plaguing skills training today: organizations need to re-examine their training strategies and find new ways to respond to the needs of their workers. This is true regardless of whether an employer is struggling to find skilled workers or their workers are struggling to find the training they need to succeed. In either case, the cloud share training labs that are becoming increasingly accessible are an excellent solution. By providing more cloud share training opportunities, employers can help their workers advance, while also helping themselves fill key roles with qualified workers.

The future of learning is here, and it is in the cloud. A cloud share training platform will change everything about how we approach and experience education. It will transform the experience for students, trainers, and companies.

But let’s get one thing clear: a cloud share training platform is not just any old online course. It’s a new way to experience and learn collaboratively engaging and highly interactive manner. Because it is platform agnostic, you can use any device to access all of your coursework. And because it’s not built on a traditional LMS, you won’t have to install anything – the entire suite of tools you need to succeed in your course is already right there waiting for you.

A cloud share training platform is changing the way we learn – do you want to be part of the revolution? Contact us today.

We Can Help

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