Date: May 3, 2019

Ask the Expert: Beau Richards with Information First


Information Technology & Services
Data Management

Manassas, VA, United States

About Information First
Information First, Inc. helps companies manage information more efficiently, with reduced risk and cost. Whether companies are governed by DoD 5015.2, CFR 21 Part 11, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, FOIA or other regulatory mandates, Information First’s solutions are tailored to an organization’s specific needs and constraints.

How did you become an instructor at Information First?
I actually stumbled into being an instructor. I was a business and technical consultant for more than 6 years—and was growing tired of it. An opportunity opened up in the training department, and I was recruited for my product knowledge. I have been teaching ever since.

How has Information First’s training department changed since you started there?
As much as some people want to embrace the “new style” of learning, which is ondemand and online, our product suite doesn’t warrant that. The tried-and-true best method to train our particular software is in-person, instructor led training. While virtual training definitely works, it is not our preferred delivery method. So in a sense, our department hasn’t changed that much.


ReadyTech is just so easy to use. Things work without any effort.

Beau Richards

Instructor, Information First

How long have you been using ReadyTech’s solutions?
We have been using ReadyTech for about 10 years. I have seen many changes at ReadyTech—and they only get better and better.

Do you use ReadyTech’s instructor-led solution, self-paced solution or both?
We use ReadyTech’s Instructor-Led Training Solution including their hosted labs. Our students work in their own virtual training environments, hosted at ReadyTech. Instructors teach the theory, and students apply the practical.

Which virtual training tools and features do you use the most?
When teaching in the virtual environment, I like the ability to display and take over a student’s screen. This is great way to assist students. The fact that I can see a student’s screen at any time keeps students consistently participating. No one wants to be embarrassed, so they keep up with the labs.