9 Features of the Best Remote Training Software

In-person training is not always possible. However, this is no problem for companies that embrace remote training technology to run their businesses. Remote training software affords an employee much-needed training sessions, right from the comfort of their own space. Such software comes equipped with features and tools to encourage collaboration between trainers and trainees, employers and employees, and various other corporate teams that require such interactions. Below are the mandatory features to look for in order to determine the best remote training software for you.

Lab Overview

This is among the most important features. It lets the trainer simultaneously monitor all the trainees’ desktops. The most widespread application of the lab overview is the VILT (Virtual instructor-led training). With this, the trainer can see each learner’s progress and offer assistance to anyone who is lagging behind.


The public/private chat tool facilitates communication between trainers and trainees. The public chat feature allows both parties to access the public chat for class-wide communication or updates. Such communication can relay start and break times for a future or ongoing class. It can also be used for passing along information that is relevant to the whole group.

The private chat area is where instructors can communicate one-on-one with a particular trainee. This is particularly useful for trainees who prefer to raise issues privately.


Mostly used with the VILT software, the messaging service allows trainers and instructors to send or schedule automatic pop-up messages to all the trainees. Messaging is necessary for notifying the trainees at the end of a break. In turn, this allows all the trainees to settle back into their training stations before the session resumes.

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Virtual Training Labs

Virtual training labs are necessary so that employees get to practice what they are being taught. These virtual labs simulate the actual software environment that the learners are being trained to use. In addition to drastically reducing training times, the virtual training labs make trainees super performers within a shorter period.


A whiteboard is a drawing tool that features a virtual drawing space alongside an image collection. A whiteboard allows the trainer to highlight specific objects on the screen.

Follow-up List

This is an organizational feature that allows trainers to create lists, reminders, and tasks. With these, a trainer can stay organized, and help trainees to manage their time as well.

Screen Sharing

This feature allows trainers to share their screens with the trainees. In the case of in-person training, this feature would be the projector. A specific learner’s screen can also be shared across the entire group, in the same manner.


The difference between success and failure in rolling out a virtual training software is mostly tied to how much the employees or trainees like the user interface (UI). It follows that any remote training software should have an intuitive and attractive UI, otherwise it may be frustrating to use.

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Simple to Update

Updating the current training content should be as easy as uploading new content. Any good remote training software should be easy to update as needed and support working with drafts.

Choose Us

The above lists some of the elements for the best remote training software, but there are other user-specific features. Some software provides a help queue to see which learners asked for help, and when. Others allow for the creation of groups or teams to tackle various assignments. Either way, the above features represent what you should expect in top remote training software. For the best experience, choose ReadyTech. With ReadyTech, you’ll get everything you need to set your business and team up for success. Contact us today by phone or online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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