7 Best Online Training Hacks for Instructors

Digital teaching is quickly becoming the main way to reach students all around the world. However, many instructors worldwide struggle to effectively share their knowledge through a screen. Fortunately, the Internet offers plenty of tools to enhance traditional teaching. These tools combined with a few training hacks will help all instructors adapt seamlessly to the digital world. Read on to discover some online training hacks to help you deliver the best online instruction.

E-Learning Tools

Due to COVID-19, schools and other institutions have been forced to switch to digital instruction almost overnight. This has resulted in an abrupt change for teachers, as well as students. Instructors are now tasked with the goal of devising an online method that’s as effective as traditional classes.

Luckily, today’s technology allows teachers to convey their knowledge in engaging and effective ways. From virtual classrooms to collaboration and productivity software, instructors have many tools at their disposal. Effectively employing online tools can help students to better understand any topic in question. It’s true, some software can be expensive. However, a large selection of tools and platforms can be found online at little or even no cost.

Some teachers may not have extensive experience using e-learning technologies. To become familiar with e-learning tools, it may be beneficial to spend some time testing them before use. This way, teachers can more effectively implement a variety of features to help students stay engaged throughout each online course.

Make a Schedule

setting up a schedule for online training

One of the biggest challenges of virtual teaching is finding a time that suits both instructors and remote learners. Most students live with parents or siblings and have to use shared devices for their studies.

Likewise, teachers are also affected by a remote work schedule. Teachers may have other duties – family and otherwise- to attend to at home. Thankfully, the use of technology can help virtual instructors design a schedule for their lessons.

There are also online tools for making polls where students can vote for the most convenient hours to schedule lessons. This streamlines the process so that instructors can save time scheduling virtual classes.

Instructors should establish virtual ‘office hours’ – specified blocks of time when their students can reach out with questions. Being constantly available can be emotionally and physically exhausting.

Clear Communication

Online learning doesn’t always allow for the same kind of interactivity as conventional classes. Therefore, it’s important to deliver clear instructions and to communicate regularly with students. Take enough time to communicate instructions regarding activities, examples, deadlines, etc. Also, remember to search online for tools that can relieve some of this workload.

Important points are more likely to be misunderstood by students during online classes or training than with face-to-face interaction. With this in mind, be sure to maintain regular and specific communication with students. Precise communication is essential for the learning process.

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Explain Unknown Vocabulary

Try introducing technical terms before virtual training sessions or online classes begin. By doing this, students will feel prepared and knowledgeable about the topic beforehand. This may encourage students in their studies and enhance student engagement. For this purpose, there are online tools that offer specific learning techniques to make it easier to learn unfamiliar terminology.

Enhance Video and Image Experience

online trainerDespite the learning benefits of visual content, sometimes videos and images can be hard to view during online classes. Because of this, software experts have developed tools to optimize the viewing of images and videos through online platforms.

Some images take up more digital space due to their higher quality, causing them to load more slowly on the screens of those with limited bandwidth. Luckily, several online tools allow us to balance the quality of images with the storage space they require. The result is a fluid presentation for every participant.

In the case of videos, sometimes the instructor only needs to show a segment of the footage. This situation brings up the problem of having to locate the video’s exact starting point and endpoint during a live class. This may take time and also affect engagement in the lesson. To solve this issue, online instructors can use one of the free video editing tools that allow them to set one or more inpoints and outpoints in a video. This allows for more efficient viewing of videos during virtual classes.

Reduce Tabs

Having too many documents and browser tabs simultaneously open on your screen can negatively impact your focus. It can also add stress and chaos to your environment, possibly making you feel overwhelmed and pressured. Eliminating on-screen clutter allows for deeper concentration and improved efficiency.

Also, make sure you’re working in a healthy environment that’s conducive to long periods of concentration. A quiet space and an organized physical environment will help you to focus.

Adapt Existing Content

Creating totally original documents for an online course takes lots of time, especially when you are covering different weekly topics. A better approach may be to adapt and reinterpret existing online content.

Instead of creating new content from scratch for each class, adapt existing materials to meet the needs of your presentation. Likewise, for quizzes and tests, it may be helpful to draw inspiration from existing documents. It may not be necessary to come up with entirely new content every time. Repurposing content may relieve some of the workload for online teachers.

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