4 Ways To Enhance Interactivity with a Distance Learning Software

Successful teaching methods help students to remain actively engaged throughout the learning process. Online learning may be the new norm, but that doesn’t negate the issues associated with it. One obvious challenge is the lack of physical interaction between students and teachers. With that in mind, here are a few ways to improve interactivity with a distance learning software.

Provide Freedom of Choice

Instead of following a strict outline, it’s sometimes better to allow students to choose a starting point. When there are multiple subjects to cover, students can vote on which one to start with, or work at their own pace. Establishing engagement from the get-go sets a good tone for the rest of the lessons and increases interest. Work to form a community where everyone can feel involved. Of course, it’s also important to set certain boundaries so that students understand what is expected of them.

Encourage Discussion

Accepting feedback from students, and making appropriate changes based on these discussions, encourages interactivity in the classroom. To avoid ruining the pace of the lecture, it’s best to wait to ask for feedback at the end. There are multiple ways to implement this. Teachers can experiment with creating polls, surveys, or reach out through email and direct communication. Certain learning platforms provide anonymous polls and surveys where everyone can share their comments, suggestions, and concerns. Additionally, offering incentives for constructive feedback can also encourage students to engage on a deeper level. Don’t be afraid to test out some of the suggested changes. If they prove to be inefficient, you can always reverse course and try a new method.

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Set Clear Expectations

Students should know exactly what they’re working towards, as well as how the material can get them closer to that goal. A task list should be available that clearly highlights each objective. Aside from providing long-term goals, each lesson should have its own predetermined tasks that include clear requirements. Make sure that the expectations are realistic, so as not to discourage anyone.

Analyze Reports & Consulting with Students

Tracking each student’s individual progress can give you an idea of how impactful and successful the lectures are. Depending on the results, these can be implemented on a weekly or monthly basis. Once they’re analyzed, you can consult with students individually to better understand their struggles and how your lessons can be improved. This can be accomplished through discussion groups, or privately. This is one way you can become aware of any students who are struggling, and offer them more attention to help them overcome their learning difficulties.

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Learning with ReadyTech

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