4 Things to Look for in a Distance Learning System

Distance learning has become the new norm. Whether you’re an instructor or a student, there’s so much to discover and take advantage of, from advanced systems to simplified courses.

Although most institutions use similar forms of remote education, not all platforms are created equally. Are you preparing for a virtual class? If so, here are 4 things to look for in a distance learning system.

Engaging and Interactive

Since instructors can’t physically interact with students, it can seem more challenging to keep them engaged. This is a common concern, but with a proper course plan, everything can be sorted out. You can boost interactivity in a virtual class in several ways. For instance, you can conduct or participate in group work sessions, which encourages people to interact with one another.

Interactivity can also be fostered through discussion boards in the virtual classroom. Some instructors prefer posting questions or creating polls to raise topics for discussion, while others encourage learners to express themselves by turning on their webcams and sharing with the class.

Tech-Savvy Features

You can’t consider a distance learning program effective if it doesn’t utilize the most efficient and suitable technologies. Make sure that it caters to learners without affecting their motivation and performance. A system that includes video conferencing is the standard. This is the best way to utilize a peer-to-peer or instructor-to-individual interaction. Of course, audio features are just as important as video. Some learning systems have different audio modes and even permit students to record the session’s audio for playback.

And don’t forget about convenient messaging features. Communication is crucial in a distance learning environment. Some systems include message boards, pop-up chats, and private messaging options.

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Unfortunately, not all remote learning platforms are accredited. Before you allow yourself to be impressed with the perks a distance learning system offers, find out if they have the proper credentials. Does the platform have a recognized degree or certificate? Is it accredited by a regulatory body? This is crucial information because it speaks to the credibility of the distance learning system. After all, you wouldn’t want to use a program that doesn’t meet minimum quality standards.

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It’s Intuitive to Use

Because everything is online, a distance learning system’s ease of use is a major factor to consider. The best systems have a clean and straightforward interface. This helps to prevent user errors and frustration. Every feature should be easily identified and controlled by the user. It is possible to balance simplicity with aesthetics, and enjoy a user-friendly online learning environment.

Distance Learning Made Better

Get the most out of distance learning by using the right platform. At ReadyTech, we can provide all the essential and extra features that benefit both instructors and students. Our distance learning system is the ideal solution for your needs. For more info, call us at (800) 707-1009 today!

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