3 strategies to get the most out of your training delivery investment

findcourses.com’s annual U.S. L&D Report 2018 surveyed a number of L&D professionals from companies across the United States to learn how they invest in their talent, measure the impact of their efforts, and how different levels within the organization feel about corporate training.

To keep the data as relevant as possible, the report only includes survey results from participants who manage or direct learning initiatives within their organization. Companies with increased revenue over the last year were also segmented to better understand the relationship between L&D and company growth.

Based on the survey findings, here are 3 practices that will help you capitalize on your training delivery investment.

1. Getting your staff engaged in learning is key to having a satisfied and overall engaged workforce.

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In their annual L&D Benchmark report, findcourses.co.uk found that a key factor to an organization having highly engaged employees, was having employees that were also satisfied in corporate learning.

Engagement in corporate learning can be promoted through the incubation of a culture of learning but also through providing the right learning options for your staff. Experiential learning, also known as hands on learning, teaches through experience. By placing the student in a situation where they learn by doing, they are forced to engage. It also motivates students to learn because they can see the real life application of what they are being taught.

2. Information Technology is an increasingly important field for L&D departments to invest in.

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With an increasing number of top L&D departments investing in IT training, it’s an area that all L&D departments, no matter what size, should look to expand.

Such a specialized area of study means that careful consideration is paramount when choosing which provider and educators to invest with. A specialized virtual training platform, such as ReadyTech, helps IT trainers guarantee a strong return on investment (ROI) and superior learning experiences for students. And with more than 90% of the instructors on ReadyTech delivering IT training, it is clear that ReadyTech is optimized to deliver IT training.

3. Budgetary restrictions need not interfere with the standard of learning

Budgetary restrictions

When questioned, almost 25% of L&D departments ranked “not having the necessary budget” as the biggest challenge they face when providing training. However, a limited budget should not mean suboptimal L&D delivery. A resourceful L&D department will know that good training does not necessarily need to break the bank.

By investing in virtual training labs, a clever L&D department can get a greater ROI because:

  1. There is no need to buy, install or maintain any hardware,
  2. Software installation, server upgrades and lab maintenance is external; and
  3. An organization’s IT department is no longer responsible for setting up complex labs and troubleshooting.

These three strategies and many more are explored in a deeper fashion in findcourses.com’s 2018 report.

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